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Portland software startup snags $5.5M from investors

“Design systems play a central role in democratizing the way we create and contribute to the apps and websites that make up digital ecosystems,“ said Chris Strahl, co-founder and CEO, in a written statement. “Knapsack provides the infrastructure organizations need to realize both efficiency and quality gains made possible by building with reusable user interface patterns.”

How ‘A Kids Book About War’ went from concept to published in days

The book, which was written and produced in less than a week, is authored by journalist Sarah Jones, an Emmy-award winner who has reported from conflict zones for outlets including Al-Jazeera, BBC World Service and CNN. The digital book is free and people can make a donation with 100% of proceeds going to Unicef, War Child and Doctors Without Borders.

Product Management 101: Running User Testing Sessions

The term “user testing” is one I’ve seen make the rounds quite a bit in the product management world. Mind you, it’s actually got a search volume of over 8,000 hits per month. But did you know that “user testing” isn’t actually the correct term?

Trust, Community and Your Customers

We should probably finish learning how to do community well in web 2.0 before we take all our bad habits with us to web3.

Startup tech CEO salary data

There is no dataset explicitly outlining salary levels at early stage companies, but we can see salaries from tech companies prior to IPO. The data below shows the salaries of 196 tech company CEO’s at IPO.

A VC Told Me Why My Fundraising Pitch Sucked

I wasn’t always good at giving fundraising pitches. In truth, for most of my career, I was terrible at them. The turning point came when I was pitching a helpful VC who, rather than just rejecting me and sending me on my way, took a few minutes to walk me through an exercise — a thought experiment of sorts — that showed me what I was doing wrong.

Many Recently Public Companies Worth Less Than The Private Capital They Raised

Many venture-backed companies that went public last year have created little value beyond the capital invested in them. Some are even worth less than the capital they raised.

Top mistakes startups make when hiring salespeople

As a former founder, sales executive and current B2B consultant to several startups, I’ve discovered that founders make the same hiring mistakes, over and over again. There are too few good resources to guide them. So I decided to highlight some of the common pitfalls, with the hope of saving companies the unnecessary heartache.

Famous First Lines from Literature If the Authors Had Lived in Silicon Valley

“It was the best of times. And that’s it.”