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Customer.io raised our Series A

Startups often raise a lot of capital early. Large fundraising rounds shorten the time you have to thoughtfully build your business. In 2017, I talked about our approach, fundstrapping which still represents how we’re building the business today.

Black Founders Matter marks first close of its first fund

The Portland-based fund has secured $3 million of its targeted $10 million fund. It has already started investing and has backed 10 companies so far. Last fall, the fund said it had deployed $875,000. The founders it has backed are 50% men and 50% women.

The Great Tech Hub Exodus Didn’t Quite Happen

New data from the Brookings Institution shows that despite hopes that work from anywhere would thrive during the pandemic, most tech workers didn’t fan out across the country at all. Instead they remained concentrated in a small but growing group of cities.

Reality Intrudes on a Utopian Crypto Vision

The cryptocurrency boom has spawned enterprises democratically governed by a community of users. Or that’s the theory. Making it work has been much messier.

The advantage of no funding

A year after I started CD Baby, the dot-com boom happened. Anyone with a little hot air and a vague plan was given millions of dollars by investors. It was ridiculous.

Lessons From A Tech Job Search

I wish I had access to a primer on what companies were out there and how to approach each one. How long the process would take from start to finish. How to prepare for each one. I couldn’t find such a post then, so I thought I’d write it now.

Venture capital is a black box. Backstage Capital’s Christie Pitts wants to make it more transparent.

Christie Pitts, general partner at Backstage Capital, quickly realized how pale, male and stale the venture capital world is.

Tech workers face a ‘burnout crisis’ unless employers act now

A study of more than 36,200 tech workers finds that two in five employees want to quit due to excessive stress, exhaustion and a broken work-life balance.