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Portland footwear startup wins Best in Show at SXSW

Portland-based 3D-printed shoe company Hilos won Best In Show and the Innovative World Technologies award at the South by Southwest Pitch event this weekend in Austin, Texas.

Lytics & Amazon Partner to Bring First-Party Data to Amazon DSP for Improved Campaign ROI

Lytics, a leading customer data platform (CDP) that improves business outcomes using first-party data, today announces new features for Lytics customers who advertise on Amazon: the ability to use email as a user identifier, and audiences from Lytics Cloud Connect, to improve the targeting of campaigns on Amazon’s DSP.

Minimal Viable Product is Old and Busted

I see a lot of people glamorizing startups and not realizing they are a ton of work and they maybe don’t have the knowledge to have their own company yet. Believing in MVPs has a lot to do with that. Anyway, the phrase makes me twitchy.

Keeping Developers Will Be the Priority in Great Developer Resignation Next Stage

The software development world has changed and overall developers have benefited. Software development has increased, demand for developers has gone up and developers have moved more for better jobs.

February Startup Funding Dips As Investors Show New Caution

It’s also worth keeping in mind that startup funding last month was still up year over year compared to February 2021 by $10 billion—a 24 percent increase. And funding in the past month was not far below the 12-month average of $55 billion we saw in 2021, a period in which annual venture funding soared 100 percent compared to 2020.

Columbia Sportswear hires new marketing chief from Airbnb

Columbia Sportswear (Nasdaq: COLM) recently announced Pri Shumate as its new chief marketing officer. In this role, Shumate will report to brand President Joe Boyle starting March 14.

Don’t Fall In Love With Your Startup Idea Until You’ve Answered These 5 Questions

Simply put, the infatuation stage is when entrepreneurs consider whether or not an idea is worth pursuing. They do this by trying to imagine a world in which they’ve successfully executed the idea so they can understand how good (or bad) that world might be once they’ve reached it.