Silicon Florist links arrangement for March 15, 2022 💐

Microsoft and Portland startup pilot AI-powered tool to thwart central line infection

Portland, Ore.-based Synaptiq on Tuesday announced the launch of a pilot program with hospitals to test a machine-vision tool that assess such lines visually to prevent infection.

Against Scarcity

Online, goods and services are infinite. What are the costs of making them artificially scarce?

Run This Diagnostic to Thoughtfully Build (and Evaluate) Your Startup’s Culture

There are frameworks for product/market fit or founder-led sales, but when it comes to culture, the details are always fuzzier and the advice is less concrete, even though it’s incredibly important,” says Del Beccaro. “I would argue that culture is actually the baseline for all other frameworks — if you want your company to obsess over product/market fit, for example, you need to engrain that in your culture from the start.”

Where college students want to move

Seattle is America’s most desired post-graduation destination for college students, according to the new Axios-Generation Lab Next Cities Index, which tracks rising U.S. work and culture trends through geographic preferences. Portland is #11.

Keeping your design system synced

Knapsack’s February product updates will keep your product team in sync—this I promise you.