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Remote possibilities: This startup is building an Airbnb-style platform for home office rentals

Radious helps users list their home work spaces Airbnb-style, giving people the chance to get out of the house and into another that’s in their neighborhood. Radious also has a B2B focus, working with companies to help their employees get the benefits of in-person collaboration and work-life balance without having to commute to a traditional office.

Portland investment group changes leadership as it raises $20M fund

Portland Seed Fund has raised $7 million of a targeted $20 million Fund IV, according to regulatory filings. It’s also making some changes in leadership with one co-founder stepping off and a new general partner coming in.

It’s Like GPT-3 but for Code—Fun, Fast, and Full of Flaws

“OpenAI’s new tool can autocomplete lines of programming or conjure software from a simple prompt. It could also riddle the internet with even more bugs.

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Updated for 2022)

In the end, I learned the aesthetics of apps the same way I’ve learned any creative endeavor: cold, hard analysis. And shameless copying of what works. I’ve worked 10 hours on a UI project and billed for 1. The other 9 were the wild flailing of learning. Desperately searching Google and Pinterest and Dribbble for something to copy from.

How to not waste time fundraising

It’s fairly obvious but worth stating: the more interest in your company, the less time you have to spend fundraising. There are a lot of great founders who run fundraising processes that stretch out for half of a year and fall for the cliche that fundraising needs to be your full-time job.

The Market Minute: After Record Venture Boom, It’s Suddenly A ‘Mad Rush To Grab Capital’

While 2021 was a record year for venture investment, a perfect storm of inflation worries, turbulent public markets and geopolitical disruption have prompted more VCs and their limited partners to become skittish, making fundraising difficult for some startup founders. Early Crunchbase data shows that global venture funding in February dipped $10 billion month over month, though is still up significantly year on year.

For Business, 2022 is Looking a Lot Like 2000

The last big swing in the market followed the 2008 meltdown. For tech that was only a speedbump, not a tractor-trailer pileup. We need to venture back to the turn of the millennium for a deep, cyclical transition in tech. It’s feeling very 2000: record venture funding, record quit rates, day trading frenzies, a mass tech movement that promises to better humanity.

5 Fundraising Mistakes Holding Founders Back

This 1-hour workshop gives Founders the info and perspective they need to avoid falling into the fundraising biases and traps we see most often.

Vacasa’s first earnings as a public company shows record results

“We made incredible progress in 2021, scaling our business and extending our position as North America’s leading vacation rental management platform,” said CEO Matt Roberts in a written statement. “There is strong momentum across all aspects of our business and we remain focused on leveraging technology to streamline our operations and provide an exceptional experience to homeowners and guests.”

How WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the Internet weird

Matt’s point of view is that the world is better off when the web is open and fun, and Automattic builds and acquires products that help that goal along. That bet is perhaps most pronounced with WordPress itself. Around 43 percent of all the websites on the internet run on WordPress, which is a piece of open-source software anyone can download and use for free.