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Here’s how a Portland videographer reimagines Hollywood blockbusters as cat videos

Rest assured that Tibo Charroppin is working to change that, with the help of his cat Lizzy. Charroppin is a French-born videographer who lives in Portland, Ore., where he works as a senior video editor for the ACLU. It’s also where he creates movie and TV show spoofs with the help of the fluffy black cat who goes by the stage name OwlKitty.

The Asymmetry of Open Source

Users need open source projects, but open source projects do not need users. That asymmetry is, I believe, at the crux of the open source sustainability problem. We all use open source projects either directly or indirectly. But projects do not need us.

How To Run A Startup That’s Running Out of Cash

James’s dilemma will be familiar to many startup founders. And it’s tempting to jump into action, like he wanted to. Yet James’s first idea on what to do — put together a slide deck and immediately start trying to get meetings with investors — will distract him from running the company, which in turn will reduce the chances of keeping it alive and raising more money. And it’s exactly the wrong thing to do. So what should you do if you’re in James’s position?

How to Properly Compensate Friends and Family Who Invest In Your Startup

These scenarios are usually a case of the proverbial “blind leading the blind.” Neither the founders nor the investors have enough startup experience to properly value the deal. Even worse, none of them fully appreciate just how difficult building startups is.

Elaine Hsieh joins TAO

Elaine Hsieh is an event enthusiast and a community builder. She loves connecting with people and connecting others. She is passionate about growing relationships, forming strategic partnerships, and supporting communities. She is excited to help curate the eleven communities that exist within the TAO ecosystem.

Dear Journalists, Don’t Sleep on Web3

If a journalist needs to make $4k per month to strike out on her own, but only has 100 dedicated followers, those 100 followers may be willing to pay $40 per month for exclusive access to the journalist’s content. If not, the journalist can ask those followers what would be worth that much to them. This direct relationship has all sorts of efficiencies that can change the economics of journalism and re-align incentives for journalists and their readers.