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First Oregon-Made Satellite Built by Portland State University Students Launches

On Tuesday, the first satellite built in Oregon launched into space from Kodiak, Alaska. It was enveloped in a rocket. Nine minutes later, when the rocket reached the top of its flight at orbit going 17,000 miles per hour, a little door opened in the rocket and the 10-by-10-centimeter Portland-made satellite shot out into space.

Beaverton software maker eyes global expansion, adds new exec

Beaverton software maker RFPIO is boosting its global expansion efforts with a new sales executive based in Europe and focused on markets outside North America.

5 takeaways from SXSW 2022: Web3, holograms, spatial audio, social justice, and tacos

This year was unique, as many of us were coming out of our pandemic cocoons for the first time in two years. While much of the festival felt familiar, it was clear that the tech landscape has changed in some exciting ways while we were all on video calls.

The future of downtown Seattle: Reasons for hope, concern — and opportunity to change for the better

With this alternately grim and encouraging data as a backdrop, the Downtown Seattle Association issued its annual State of Downtown report Thursday with one key question in mind: Is downtown Seattle’s future trending upward or just the opposite?

UNMET Conference 2022

All innovation stems from an unmet need. UNMET Founders 2022 fulfills a need for Seed to Series A capital for diverse and female-led founders. This May, meet your future investors in Denver.

A new macroeconomic regime — what does it mean for venture?

While there’s been a lot of talk in VC and founder circles about whether we will see the degradation of public market multiples flowing through to private markets…it’s been tumbleweeds in terms of discussion around why markets are moving this way. Perhaps more importantly, there’s also been a complete chasm in discussion as to whether these root causes mean that we can expect this volatility to continue.

I Love Backing ‘Mission-Driven’ Founders But Here’s Where They Struggle as Startup CEOs

Their challenges are not exclusively felt by people with their motivational DNA, but 10 years of venture investing, seeing thousands and thousands of startups, does suggest, at least anecdotally, that mission-driven founders more often experience the following challenges…

Portland Inno Madness Bracket reaches the elite eight

Our Portland Inno Madness competition is here. Now in Round 3, the eight remaining local startups are vying for the title of 2022 Inno Madness champion.