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Portland founder on his big sale: ‘I want this to be bigger than me’

“This was an early acquisition. I didn’t expect it,” said Paez, who said that selling so soon was definitely not part of his plan. “You can’t time these things. As a founder you can only do so much to plan and predict your future and the rest comes down to opportunity and these moments of potential and you capitalize on them or you don’t.”

Portland Metro Population Declines Amid American Flight From Major Cities

For the first time in more than a decade, Multnomah County saw its population shrink in 2021, according to new figures released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. The county’s decline—by 12,494 people, or 1.5%—drove a more modest decline (0.2%) in the Portland metro area.

Intro to Torq: Vulnerability Management

As recent vulnerabilities like log4j have shown, having a standardized approach to identifying vulnerabilities and applying patches is essential to organizations looking to keep their systems safe from exploits. Whether it’s preventative maintenance or responding to new 0-days, a continuous vulnerability management program ensures that security teams can rapidly identify risks and work cross-functionally to deploy patches and verify successful remediation.

British cops arrest seven in Lapsus$ crime gang probe

“In an email to The Register, endpoint security vendor Cybereason’s Director of Security Strategy Ken Westin said he wouldn’t be surprised if the notorious cyber-crime ring’s bosses do turn out to be teenagers.

“The security community underestimates the younger generation,” he wrote. “We forget teens today have not only grown up with computers, but also have access to an unprecedented number of educational resources on programming and offensive security.”

Bay Area Software Autodesk Acquires The Wild

Congratulations to Gabe Paez and The Wild team on joining Autodesk. “In 2018, Elevate Capital invested in The Wild’s immersive collaborative platform for design teams to work together, from anywhere, in virtual and augmented reality,” said Nitin Rai, Elevate Capital Founder and Managing Partner. “We are proud to co-lead and support Gabe and his team throughout their amazing accomplishments and successes.”

The so-called “Smart Copyright Act of 2022” and what it means for startups

A new bill would make major changes to the way startups that encounter user content—from podcasts to reviews to direct messages—are expected to handle potential copyright infringement online. It would authorize new requirements for startups that encounter user-generated content to use filtering technologies. And while it is ostensibly aimed at large Internet platforms, it would tee up complex and expensive compliance frameworks that would still sweep up the vast majority of startups that see little (if any) user infringement.