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In the Shadow of the Star Wars Kid

Last August, I entered a loft in downtown Portland, walked through a door, and met someone I’ve wanted to talk to for the last 20 years: Ghyslain Raza, the unwilling subject of the “Star Wars Kid” meme, the biggest viral video of the pre-YouTube era.

Icon: Why Don’t 81 Million Americans Have A Retirement Plan?

But, in the forty-plus years since 401k plans were created, the workforce has changed in dramatic ways. Today, people are mobile and will have an average of 12 jobs throughout their career. Many companies are also making a strategic shift toward keeping their workforce independent contractors as a way to keep costs down. These shifts in the workforce require a parallel shift in how people access retirement plans.

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New Security Frameworks Bolster SecOps and the Modern SOC

Cyber warfare has never been more complex, and the bad news is that it is only becoming more advanced and more pervasive. Security operations and SOCs are under increasing pressure to identify and respond to threats quickly, as well as to harden defenses against a growing range of threats. As a result, the IT frameworks D3FEND and MITRE ATT&CK have been developed to solve many problems. These tools are used to detect, debug and protect against security breaches and attacks in today’s cloud systems.