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Edify’s State of Engineering Operations in 2022 Report

Engineering Operations is transforming the software engineering industry, helping companies scale faster. Through surveys and interviews, Edify set out to discover how Engineering Operations practitioners enable teams, respond to changing business needs, and help accelerate grow.

How a Portland sustainable footwear brand won big at SXSW

In a room full of CEOs and companies with years of experience and millions in revenue, Stahl said he was honored to be part of the group, but never thought his young footwear startup would stand a chance at any awards. While he said he believes Hilos’ goals and purpose spoke to judges for themselves, Stahl also thinks the way he began his pitch and connected with the audience solidified it.

The Only Cheat Sheet You Need for Early-Stage Investor Meetings

Fundraising from venture capitalists can be a complex problem, especially for first-time founders. Having been on both sides of the table, I want to share my own cheat sheet in the back of my mind when I go into investor meetings. Remember that every meeting is an investor meeting. There’s no such thing as a purely “casual coffee”. That meeting will be a data point for informing decisions.

Bend brand stakes claim to first ‘carbon-free’ energy drink

There are other cascara beverages in the market, and some have a similar look to Riff. But beyond its carbon-neutral identity, Evers believes Riff is the truest “energy drink challenger” in the space with 120 milligrams of stimulating caffeine, a modest 7 grams of sugar and an absence of mysterious, hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

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