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Portland VC deals down after historic 2021, but trend points up

Venture capital investors closed fewer deals in the Portland metro area in the first quarter of 2022 compared with last year. However, activity wasn’t far off from the number closed in the first quarter of 2020 and was well above the number closed in the first quarter of 2019.

Unboxing Panic’s Stylishly Yellow Playdate Gaming Handheld

After much anticipation, especially in the handheld gaming community, the quirky Playdate’s official release is almost upon us. It’s like Christmas for technology hipsters, only in April.

The 5 Golden Rules of Issuing Your Startup’s Shares

By having this talk with your founding team early, bringing a plan to the table, and explaining why that plan is in the best interest of the company, you will steer the conversation in a way that doesn’t just make sense for everyone listening but also saves everyone headaches down the line.

Oregon 3D health technology startup raises $6M

Lazarus 3D, an Albany-based startup that makes realistic-looking organs to allow surgeons to practice a surgery, has raised $6 million, according to a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Portland software maker settles $110M trade secrets dispute with New York rival

Two parties have been tangled in court since 2017 when Opal filed a $50 million suit against New York-based Sprinklr alleging that Sprinklr, a former business partner of Opal, obtained confidential information about Opal’s software, then used it to create a competing product.

Data: E-scooter rides surged during SXSW

Recent data from the city’s shared micromobility map [powered by Portland startup Ride Report] shows that most e-scooter and e-bike trips from Jan. 1 through the end of March were taken downtown.

QWLA | Bounce Voting Process

While development is still in progress Qawalla wants to share the main functionality of Bounce Voting. QWLA Token holders will have the opportunity to vote for assets they want added to the fund.

Instructure Acquires Concentric Sky, Makers of Badgr

Instructure Holdings, Inc. (Instructure) (NYSE: INST) today announced it has completed the acquisition of partner Concentric Sky, the makers of Badgr. Currently the default micro-credentialing tool within Canvas LMS, Badgr will be rebranded as “Canvas Badges” as it joins the Instructure Learning Platform. Canvas LMS customers can also upgrade to Badgr Pro’s advanced suite of tools in new “Canvas Credentials,” offering unlimited badging, leaderboards, analytics and personalized pathway progress visualizations. The deal underscores Instructure’s commitment to building the education industry’s most integrated teaching and learning platform to support lifelong learning.

Radious: Two Things We’re Getting Wrong About Remote Work

As we round the corner of yet another year of pandemic life, employers are racking their brains for answers. Nearly every company with office workers is desperately trying to navigate a challenging office and hiring landscape; managers are asking themselves if they should require teams back in the office, while employees are feeling growing frustration with inflexible policies and eyeing new employment opportunities. In addition to all of the nuances and complexities both sides are faced with, there’s a big elephant standing right in front of them that they don’t even see.