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Storyteller: You Learn From the Experiment, Not the Outcome

Rick Turoczy writes about what makes the Portland Incubator Experiment work — and what makes it worthwhile.

How to Freaking Find Great Developers By Having Them Read Code

When hiring developers, there are many things we are looking for, but over the years I have found that raw coding ability is easily the most important quality to look for. I can quickly train a person to have knowledge in some domain, but I’ve never seen raw coding ability come from anything other than personal commitment to extensive and deep practice. Because of this, I have found that some methods work better than others to discover talent.

How Funding Works for Startups: A Guide to Funding Rounds

As much fun as stories of overnight success are, funding almost always takes time, and it rarely happens all at once. In fact, it’s because the entire funding process has so many misconceptions — along with its own confusing vernacular — that clarification, explanation, and some behind-the-scenes industry insights are necessary. In this guide, we’ll tackle the terminology, walk you through the key steps, and make sure you have a roadmap for navigating funding success by the time you finish reading.

Icon: The Easy, Affordable Way To Comply with the California Retirement Plan Mandate

On June 30, 2022, the state of California will require employers with 5 or more employees to offer a retirement plan. The goal of the law is to help ensure that all workers have access to a financially secure future through tax-advantaged retirement savings, but offering a retirement plan can be expensive and complicated for small businesses. Join experts from Icon to learn about the easiest, most affordable way to comply.

Reclaim.ai: What is Decision Paralysis? How to Prevent in 4 Steps

Decision paralysis, aka analysis paralysis or choice paralysis, usually hits at the most inconvenient time – when you really need every single minute to be getting things done, but just don’t know how to choose, where to start, or what to tackle next.

Customer.io: Lifecycle planning in 6 simple steps

People often reach out to us for advice on how to design an awesome lifecycle email plan. Lifecycle emails can be really powerful in building long-term relationships with customers, so I’d like to share here some tips that customers have found helpful—especially those starting from scratch.

Ikigai Stories: Micah Baldwin

Sam talks with Micah Baldwin: executive coach, angel investor, and serial entreprenuer. Micah courageously shares his battle with addiction, depression, and anxiety while simultaneously achieving high levels of entrepreneurial success. He highlights how he’s carved a path forward through serving others and the realization that it’s okay to ask for help. Micah’s three core values: Kindness, Distinct Point of View, and Acceptance/Vulnerability.

Portland privacy software co. adds 3 new execs to rebuilt leadership team

A privacy specialist has added three new executives this month to its completely revamped leadership roster.