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Managing Your Mental Health While Running a Startup

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about work-life balance, and I think the sentiment is well intentioned, but it overlooks a key opportunity. Running a company is hard as hell. Even in good times, it can be a grind. It’s definitely critical to carve out personal time, but you should also think about ways to bring more of your life into your work. I like to think of it as work-life integration.

Switching from a hyper-growth company to a lifestyle business

Alex MacCaw, founder of Clearbit, talks about running a hyper-growth start-up, making the switch from a VC-backed company to a lifestyle business, managing people, and working remotely on a sailboat.

The True Cost Of Poor Investment In Female-Led Funds And Investment Firms

One of the results of this lack of gender inclusion in asset management firms is equally abysmal VC funding to female-led startups. In 2020, just 2.3 percent of VC investment went to female-led startups, Crunchbase data shows.

AWS launches new $30M accelerator program aimed at minority founders

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today launched a new program, AWS Impact Accelerator, that will give up to $30 million to early-stage startups led by Black, Latino, LGBTQIA+ and women founders. The Amazon company claims that the three-year initiative will help recipients build successful businesses while “accelerating” growth in their respective markets. But critics contend that AWS Impact Accelerator doesn’t go far enough in supporting historically marginalized entrepreneurs.

How To Build A Startup By Trying To Kill It

The truth is, 95% of ideas are bad and won’t work. The fastest way to find out is to test the idea is by trying to kill it. If it survives, you have a winner. If it doesn’t, it’s better you know early so you can try something else.

Hardware Happy Hour Portland

We welcome anyone interested in any kind of hardware from beginner to expert: Arduino DIYers, engineers, hardware start up founders, e-textile experimenters, LED-curious folks, 3D printing enthusiasts or robotics geeks. If you’re working on something even vaguely related please do bring it along. No presentations, no pitch decks, just projects and conversation. Join us and nerd out about electronics!

Finalists for AOBIO announced

Together with partners OBI, OHSU and OregonBio, OEN is proud to announce the finalists in the Angel Oregon Life & Bioscience (AOBIO) investment program!