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Panic Playdate Review: The Weirdest, Best Fidget Game Console Ever

Panic’s bizarre gaming handheld was announced years ago, something that seemed whimsical and almost like a joke. It has the look of a product you’d see on an episode of Portlandia: a small, twee device in Pikachu yellow, with a Game & Watch-esque black-and-white screen, that plays games and sometimes uses its side crank for inexplicable reasons. Delightful and lovely and unexplained.

Startup Confessionals: Combat the Awkward Convos around Vesting

A common snag in this document is the question of vesting. Vesting is, as Synvest Capital states, “a process by which you “earn” your stock over a period of time depending on your performance and commitment to the startup.” Instead of gaining all of your equity when you sign a founder’s agreement, it is released to you over a duration of time.

Great Startup Teams Have to Forget Everything They Learned About Teamwork

Regardless of where you sat on that spectrum, learning to work in groups as students sets terrible expectations for how startup teams need to operate in order to be effective. I’ve seen this problem kill a number of young startups. It even helped kill some of my first companies.

Do Not Ignore These 9 Unexpected Signs of Cofounder Conflict

As a licensed psychologist and cofounder coach working with founding teams for the last five years, I identified several common warning signs that discord is developing. When left unaddressed these symptoms increase in severity, leading down a path of resentment that becomes more and more challenging to step away from.

Corvallis tech startup with OSU roots raises $150M

The company will use the money to open an office in Pittsburgh, a city rich with robotics talent and research, as well as expand its offices in Corvallis and Palo Alto. It will also fund further research and scale robot production.

Agility Robotics raises $150M from Amazon and others to build human-like robots used in warehouses

Founded in 2015, Agility began shipping its “Digit” robot to customers in 2018 and inked a deal with Ford in 2020. Its robots can help companies move packages and unload tractor trailers. They walk forward, backward, side-to-side, up and down inclines, across unstructured terrain, and can turn in place or crouch-walk.

The Four Key Questions Investors Will Ask You

Becoming an investable entrepreneur requires so much more than simply having an incredible product or service. A prospective investor will want to be satisfied with a whole range of other factors before they’ll back your business, and what those factors are will largely depend on the nature of your business and the type of investment round you’re entering.

Why I Start All My 1:1s with this Question

If you’re a manager, regardless of whether you’re brand-new, have decades of experience, manage one person or a team of a hundred, continuously developing effective 1:1 skills are vital to your success and that of your team.

Why my first YC-backed startup failed

In January 2022, after two years of working on our products, we decided collectively to shut down our company. I wanted to share some learnings and the journey as a first-time founder on why we failed and what’s next.

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Armed with $150M, Oregon tech startup seeks a site for a robot factory

With a massive infusion of capital, Agility Robotics is ramping up its search for an Oregon site for a 200,000-plus-square-foot robotics factory. The company would like to have it ready no later than 2024, said CEO Damion Shelton.