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Hatful of holo: Small Society cofounder Raven Zachary starts his next venture, Object Theory, a Microsoft HoloLens shop

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: the Portland startup scene is grappling with adolescence a little later than a few other startup scenes. We’re a late bloomer, as it were. Mostly because we didn’t have many—if any—successful exits during the dotcom days. So we’re barely getting to the point of founders successfully exiting and then starting their next thing. Read More

Quintessential Portland iOS shop Small Society acquired by Walmart Labs

Rumors were swirling last night that Small Society—one of the first big players in Portland’s burgeoning mobile startup scene—had been acquired by Walmart Labs, a division of Walmart that deals with social and mobile commerce.

And now Raven Zachary and James Keller, cofounders of Small Society, have confirmed it. Read More

REMINDER: Small Society is buying you lunch on Wednesday. You know, in a Portland Lunch 2.0 kind of way.

As some of you know, Portland Lunch 2.0 organizer Jake Kuramoto has his hands a little full as of late. So I’m stepping in to guest post for him on the upcoming Lunch 2.0 at Small Society.

Um. Yeah. So our friends at Small Society? You know, that awesome Portland iOS dev shop founded by Raven Zachary (@ravenme) and James Keller (@semaphoria)? They’re buying you lunch this Wednesday. So they’d like you to come visit. And eat. Read More

Small Society Wants to Have You over for Lunch

IOS development shop, Small Society (@smallsociety) will be hosting Lunch 2.0 on April 6. Bring your iPad 2.

If you read here, you’ll know that Portland has a burgeoning mobile development scene. You don’t have to read here to know that, but we do talk about it a lot.

Small Society was in on the ground floor of the mobile app explosion (insert hipster meme here), and founders Raven Zachary (@ravenme) and James Keller (@semaphoria) have built a extraordinary team of iOS developers who crank out magical apps for big and small brands alike. Read More

Small Society, big impact: Portland iPhone agency donates $10,000 to local charities

[HTML1]Without a doubt, 2010 showed us that mobile development was one of the most interesting and full-of-potential segments of the Portland startup community. We saw any number of startups—from individual app developers to full fledged companies—release compelling technology and collaborate with name brand clients, time and again.

For some, that success means they can do a little more. It means that they can share that success by giving back to the community. That’s why Portland’s Small Society—arguably one of the most successful mobile outfits around town—donated $10,000 to Portland area charities. Read More

Kicking ass: Portland’s Small Society and Urban Airship help bring Democratic National Committee iPhone/iPad app to life

Today, Portland-based Small Society and Urban Airship announced the release of the Democratic National Committee iPhone/iPad app.

[HTML4]Now as many of you know, a good chunk of the development team for original political iPhone app—the Obama iPhone app—lived right here in Portland. And the positive reception that app and its developers received is likely one of the reasons that Portland continues to prosper as a hub for mobile development.

But clearly Portland mobile folks still have a little politics in their veins. You see, now some of the Obama app folks have teamed up with some other Portland mobile folks. And they’ve come up with yet another awesome app. This time for a much larger entity than a single candidate or campaign. Today, Portland-based Small Society and Urban Airship announced the release of the Democratic National Committee iPhone/iPad app. Read More

Blogging, open source, and now mobile: Small Society Apple iPad app furthers Portland’s love affair with WordPress

Well, now you can. Because Portland-based Small Society teamed with Automattic—the WordPress folks—to build an Apple iPad app for WordPress.

You may have heard that Apple is releasing a new piece of hardware on Saturday, April 3. No it’s true. It’s a little tablet thingamajig. Like a big iPhone. And people around here seem pretty excited about it. Because Portland loves technology.

Know what else Portland loves? Blogging. And when it comes to blogging, there’s one blog platform that Portland loves more than any other: WordPress. Which got me to thinking, what if you could combine that love of blogging with the love of this shiny new Apple iPad tablet? And how about throwing in some open source just for good measure? Read More

memePDX 006: Igniting Portland and Bend, Portland is open, Small Society’s Starbucks and Zipcar apps, and more

It was a busy week around these parts for tech news, what with Ignite Portland shifting dates and Ignite Bend needing sponsors and Portland becoming an open city and Small Society releasing some cool apps and Ray King winning an OEN award. It’s surprising that we were able to cram it all into memePDX.

But we did. Because we respect your time. Sort of. So, without further ado, here’s the latest episode of memePDX. Read More

Portland’s Small Society builds an iPhone app for a little coffee shop called Starbucks

[HTML2]Turns out even coffee shops need iPhone apps. Well, they do if they’re Starbucks. Two even. And now the official Starbucks iPhone drink app—myStarbucks—is available from the App Store.

Yes, yes. Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, I know. And even though a number of sites were covering the app launch—including Portland-based iPhoneSlutz—I didn’t really have any Silicon Forest angle on it.

So why am I writing about it now? Well, because as it turns out, the Starbucks app was created by none other than Small Society here in Portland. Read More

Shopping for an iPhone 3.0 app? See what Small Society has cooked up with Whole Foods Recipes

Shop local for iPhone 3.0 apps by trying the Whole Foods Recipes app, the latest project released by Portland-based Small Society

Today, there are tons of people waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Standing in line to get the latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 3G S. But anyone with an iPhone can grab the new operating system, iPhone OS 3.0. And once you’ve done that, you can snag some cool new apps.

Looking for one to try? Shop local by trying the Whole Foods Recipes app, the latest project released by Portland-based Small Society. Read More