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Portland startup GraphAlchemist celebrates OSCON week by open sourcing Alchemy.js

While Portland is always an open source focused town, OSCON is the annual reminder that we’re the de facto hub of open source. So what better time, thought local startup GraphAlchemist, to contribute something awesome to the world of open source. Introducing Alchemy.js. Read More

It wouldn't be OSCON week without a Ground Kontrol party

Yes, it’s true. OSCON—O’Reilly’s annual open source convention—is back in town next week. So expect the town to be chock full of even more awesome techies than usual. And likely a few more gatherings and hacks and whatnot, too. Portland’s Orchestrate and our friends from Boulder, SendGrid, are hosting a shindig at Ground Kontrol. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for September 2010: Beers with BankSimple beats OSCON, Urban Airship more popular than free beer

Yes, let’s that right. It’s time for the latest round of monthly navel gazing. Where we look back at we what read and the popular stories get more popular.

What did September 2010 bring? A scuffle and a free beer or two. Let’s take a look at the most popular posts on Silicon Florist last month, as determined by Web and RSS traffic. Read More

It’s official. OSCON 2011 will be held in Portland, the unofficial hub of open source.

[HTML1]After being a sure thing for so many years, OSCON, the premier open source conference in the world, stepped away from Portland in 2009.

Now, now, now. Dry those little tears. They came back. OSCON 2010 was held right here in Portland.

But now, we always kind of have to wonder: will they or won’t they? Will they pick us again? Or will they choose another location? Read More

REMINDER: Like it cloudy? Don’t miss CloudCamp PDX at OSCON tonight

Whether you’re building Web apps or mobile apps, dealing with infrastructure or finding storage, or simply just trying to scale, there’s likely one term you hear more than any other: the Cloud. You see, the Cloud is where everybody—well at least all the cool kids—are putting their stuff these days. Cloud Cloud Cloud.

But where do you go to find out about using the Cloud more effectively. Well, you go to camp. CloudCamp PDX, that is. But you better hurry and register. It starts tonight, July 19. Read More

Is your schedule open? Open Source Bridge and OSCON release final schedules for 2010

What kind of goodness, you ask? Well, each event Open Source Bridge 2010 and OSCON 2010 just released its final schedule so why don’t we take a look?

If there’s one thing people think of when they think of summer in Portland, Oregon, it’s beer. But once they stop thinking about that, they usually start thinking about all of the awesome tech events that take place here over the summer. And then they probably go back to thinking about beer.

Be that as it may. If you’re into open source, there is no better place to be this summer than Portland, where Open Source Bridge and OSCON will be filling the Rose City with all sorts of open source goodness. Read More

memePDX 010: OSCON’s back, Venture Northwest, Cort & Fatboy, Building a better journalist, Blogging is dead, and Whitehouse.gov on Drupal

For a special Halloween episode of memePDX, join the disembodied heads of Cami and as we cover OSCON’s back in Portland, Venture Northwest, Cort & Fatboy, Building a Better Journalist, Technorati’s state of the blogosphere, and Whitehouse.gov on Drupal.

Happy Thursday! it’s time for another episode of memePDX, where Cami Kaos and I cover the hottest tech stories in Portland and beyond.

For a special Halloween episode of memePDX, join the disembodied heads of Cami and as we cover OSCON’s back in Portland, Venture Northwest, Cort & Fatboy, Building a Better Journalist, Technorati’s state of the blogosphere, and Whitehouse.gov on Drupal.

But that’s not all. Cami also reveals a secret project underway. Read More

CONFIRMED: OSCON 2010 will definitely be in Portland, Oregon, July 19-23 [UPDATED]

According to a Google Groups post by David Percy, Geospatial Data Manager at Portland State University, the manager of catering at the Oregon Convention Center has mentioned that OSCON will be back in Portland.

[HTML2]Loose lips sink ships—or let you know that big O’Reilly open source conferences like OSCON are returning to Portland.

Now while we’ve heard rumors swirling about this for quite a while—including talk that Portland Mayor Sam Adams is lobbying for the conference fairly heavily—it’s rapidly moving into the 99% sure category.

Today, that rumor got a little closer to reality. Read More


Well, I’m sad to report that the rumors about OSCON‘s departure from Portland’s 2009 summer tech event line-up have been confirmed.

It’s true. OSCON is gone.

OSCON 2009 won’t be in Portland, Oregon

After six years, O’Reilly has decide to move its anchor conference of the summer—and the leading venue to discuss all things open source—to San Jose, California.

And I’m not alone in my unhappiness over this announcement, if Twitter is any indication.

Worse yet? This comes on the heels of O’Reilly’s decision to move RailsConf—which has also called Portland home—to Las Vegas, next year.

As I’ve mentioned before, the departure of these two O’Reilly events leaves a decided gap in our summer geek activities around here. After WebVisions wraps.

And I have to imagine that the Portland tourism industry is crying openly into its microbrewed organic beer at this point.

It makes me wonder if we shouldn’t be courting another event or two. (BlogHer?I ain’t too proud to beg.)

Or maybe, just maybe, stage one of our own.