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Former Portland startup Vizify among “most successful accelerator cohort ever”

While the name Vizify might not be familiar to more recent transplants, it definitely rings a bell for folks who have been in the Portland startup community for a bit. An early investment for the then new Portland Seed Fund, Vizify was one of the first local companies to be selected to participate in a Techstars cohort. And apparently, that selection put them in rare company.

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As our heroes ride off into the sunset, yodeling: Vizify holds a farewell happy hour before heading south

You probably caught the news that Portland startup Vizify has been acquired by Yahoo! And as part of that, the team is being relocated to the Bay Area to be part of the Yahoo! office down there. While it will be sad to see the team go, it will be nice to have some more Portland friendly types down south. Read More

Visualize an exit: Portland's Vizify acquired by Yahoo!

Another Portland startup has been acquired. Vizify has been picked by Yahoo! who has, obviously, been making a string of acquihires. Read More

You deserve a premium profile. Vizify is here to help.

What’s the best way to monetize your startup offering? Build something for which people are willing to pay. And that’s just where Vizify is going. Today, they released some awesome new features that make it drop dead simple to set up a personal Web site. And those features come with a price tag. Read More

Viva variety: Vizify launches a new way to visualize your Twitter conversations

You’ve got to hand it to those folks over at Vizify. They have a way with visualizations. Especially when it comes to social media. And today, they gave us another way to understand our connections and conversations on Twitter. Read More

Catching up with Vizify: Cofounder Todd Silverstein talks to TechStars TV

There are a growing number of TechStars alums in town—Cloudability, Glider, Factor, the companies from the Nike+ Accelerator—but the first Portland company to really make the leap into a TechStars program was Vizify, who managed to juggle both TechStars and the Portland Seed Fund simultaneously. Read More

Let's see that again: Vizify makes your Twitter activity into HTML5-a-licious highlight reel with #FollowMe

Those folks at Vizify are always looking for interesting new ways to help you represent yourself and your activity online. And Twitter is one of their favorite data sources. Their latest effort? #FollowMe, which makes your Twitter data into a video. Read More

Being in beta is so 2012: Vizify opens platform to the public and sweetens the deal with Vizcards

Spring is always a great time to freshen things up. And Portland’s Vizify—an alum of both TechStars Seattle and the Portland Seed Fund—is doing its best to help you do just that. Today, they opened their platform to the world and launched some new chunk of functionality called Vizcards. Read More

Visualizing Vizify: "Your Year on Twitter" lands Portland startup on TV with Steph Stricklen and KGW Live at 7

It’s always nice to see Portland startups taking center stage on KGW Live at 7. This time around it was Vizify, who recently announced a partnership with Twitter to help power part of Your Year on Twitter—a visualization of the tweets, followers, and words that you used on the popular social network. Read More

You got your Vizify in my Twitter. You got Your Year on Twitter in my Vizify.

Like many startups, Portland’s Vizify—an alum of TechStars Seattle and the Portland Seed Fund—has this tendency of launching something awesome, going dark, and then launching something even more awesome. And given that they’ve been quiet for a while, I’ve been expecting something. Read More

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