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Silicon Forest hires: Paydici pockets Stearns, Taptu finds Harris

I heart job offersI’m a little late to the party, but a couple of really nice, talented folks scored some piping hot new jobs. So I thought I’d share the good news—even if I’m tardy in doing so.

I was going to wait for a third. But I’m antsy, so here you go.

Bryan Stearns has joined Portland-based Paydici as Software Architect. According to ReadWriteWeb’s ReadWriteHire:

Stearns is also currently a Software Architect Contractor at the Public Library of Science and a Principal at The Thomas Eliot Company (a Sole Proprietorship). Previously he was a Software Engineer at Open Source Applications Foundation and a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. Earlier in his career he was a Senior Engineer at Apple.

Jason Harris has signed on, part time, as a community manager for Taptu, a UK-based mobile search engine. According to the Taptu blog:

The Taptu team is growing quickly to support our growth as a business; we now officially have a new team member to our US team. You’ll be reading much more from Jason in the near future, as he covers the perspective of a mobile guy in the American market. Join me in welcoming him to the team!

Congrats to both of them on the new gigs!

What’s that? You’re interested in getting hired? Well then, PDX Critique’s resume critiques on April 27 may be just the thing you needed. For more information, see PDX Critique on Upcoming or Calagator.

(Image courtesy SocialIsBetter. Used under Creative Commons.)

OpenSourcery has open gigs

OpenSourceryOr should that read “OpenSourcery has open open gigs”?

Whatever the case, Portland-based OpenSourcery, an open source development shop that also tries to be as green as it can be, has open positions it’s trying to fill.

At a time when the news is all-too-full of layoffs and dire economic forecasts, it’s incredibly uplifting to see an open source company looking to expand its staff—especially a company that so quintessentially reflects the ideals of the Portland community.

So what’s up for grabs? I’m glad you asked.

Not interested in working there? No problem. You can still come have lunch with us there, next year.

For more information on the company and the available positions, visit OpenSourcery.

Interesting gigs on the Silicon Florist Gig board

Looking for a new gig? You might want to take a look at the Silicon Florist Gig board to see what’s what. Web startup looking to hire? Use the discount code freebie to post your open gigs for free.

Or maybe you’re a Portvangelist-to-be looking to move to the Rose City? Or someone who already lives here who’s looking for something new to do or a side project?

Well, don’t be shy. Feel free to use the gig board to pitch you skills. Just make sure you use a subject that makes it obvious like “inbound” or “looking” or “I am really cool” or something. Again, freebie at checkout and it’s, well, free.

As far as gigs, here are some of the newest ones:

  • Flex programmer at toonlet
    “toonlet is looking for a skilled contract Flex programmer to help us build out our online comic-creation tools on a short-term, per-project basis. If you’ve got the skill-set, we could really use your help.” [Editor: Personally? I’d jump at the chance to work with these guys. Not only are they exceedingly pleasant, they’ve got some really cool ideas going with toonlet. And obviously, much more to come.]
  • Django developer at Extreme Arts & Sciences
    “Extreme Arts & Sciences, a change management and business consulting firm, is looking for an established freelancer to tweak our django CMS to better conform to our needs. We also anticipate a revamp of our site architecture and look-and-feel update coming soon, and will need to meld the new graphics and whatnot with the django CMS.”

Interesting gigs on the Silicon Florist Gig board

It’s Friday, so why don’t we take a little trip through the Gig board? Here are some of the recent posts:

  • Unix Rockstar at CD baby
    “Small department specializing in digital distribution for independent musicians seeks one laid-back, self-motivated geek to join our growing content delivery team.”
  • Experienced graphics designer / web developer at GoLife Mobile
    “GoLife Mobile is a rapidly growing startup in the global wireless marketplace. We are seeking a talented and experienced graphics designer / web developer with 5 plus years experience. Working with the team, this person will help us define and execute on our strategic branding initiatives.”
  • Contract Flash Programmer at OHSU
    “I’m looking to hire a contract flash programmer who can put in full time work between now and the end of our fiscal year (about $15,000 worth)June 30th. You must be thoroughly familiar with flash and how to build learning applications that interface with video, audio, animation, and provide some interactive branching. I will provide all the content and the direction in terms of design.”

Remember, if you’re a Silicon Forest startup, someone seeking a gig, or posting an internship, you can always use the discount code freebie to post your gig for free.

Interesting gigs from the Silicon Florist Gig board

Okay, okay. These are the only gigs on the Gig board, but that makes them interesting, doesn’t it? Sure it does.

Remember, if you’ve got a gig or 12 you’d like to post, feel free. Literally. Use the discount code freebie to post job openings, contract gigs, gigs you wish you had, internships, or whatever else.

Free Silicon Florist Gig board postings and other tweaks

I always try to be completely open with you about what’s going on behind the scenes with this blog. Sharing my thinking. This is another one of those posts.

Silicon Florist Gig board

When I started the Silicon Florist Gig board, I had hoped to kill two birds with one stone:

  1. I wanted to provide a valuable resource for Silicon Forest startups to find the talent they needed.
  2. I was hoping to find a revenue stream to fund continued—and expanded—Silicon Florist activities

Unfortunately, rather than killing two birds, bird #2 simply killed bird .

And so it goes. (The one person who did pay to post, Josh Pyles of Pixelmatrix, will be getting a full refund.)

Given that little lesson, I wanted to announce that the proof-of-concept gig board is now completely free. (But I have to provide a little workaround, given the canned solution I’m using.) Post as many jobs as you like, as often as you like. Simply use the discount code “freebie” at checkout.

But, be forewarned: freedom comes with a price.

Please bear in mind that the Silicon Florist Gig board is designed to help local Web-based startups (product or service), social media departments within larger organizations, and bloggers.

If you don’t fit into one of these areas, please do not post here. I will delete it.

A good frame of reference would be “Would Silicon Florist cover my company, product, or clients?”

If your answer is “Yes,” “Totally,” or “You should,” then post away. If your answer is “No,” then you should probably find another job board. If your answer is “Um,” “Maybe,” or a slight raising of your shoulders toward your ears, drop me a note or ping me on Twitter. I’d be happy to let you know.

And who knows? I might even start covering you because you post. How’s that for turning everything on its proverbial ear?

As an added bonus of this new found freedom, you can now post for positions wanted, as well. Simply start the title of the job with “Wanted,” “Seeking,” “Available,” or whatever. For example, I might post “Wanted: Paid blogging position for covering the Silicon Forest tech scene.” Have at it.

Again, that’s “freebie” at checkout.

Oregon Reddit buttons

Speaking of coverage, you’ll likely notice one other minor tweak to the site. On individual posts, down at the bottom, you’ll see a little “Vote for this post on OregonLive” Oregon Reddit button.

What’s with that thing?

Now, the primary reason I spend my time pontificating and waxing philosophic about under-the-RADAR startups is quite simple: I want people to see what’s happening. I want old-school tech and people in Oregon and the traditional media to see what you guys are doing. Because, honestly, it’s really cool.

Well, we live in a town with very few news pubs, and even fewer business pubs. This means that OregonLive, the online version of The Oregonian, gets a substantial amount of local traffic.

Oregon Reddit allows two of the most popular stories to sit on the front page of OregonLive and other sections of the site.

So, if you see something covered in Silicon Florist that you think would be valuable for more Oregon folks to read—or if it’s your company and you’d like to see it on the front page of the OregonLive site to impress your friends and family—please feel free to use that button to submit or vote.

Likewise, if you think something I’ve written is total and utter crap that doesn’t deserve to see the light of day, please, by all means, vote it down.

Long story short, it’s your chance to get the types of stories in The Oregonian that you think should be in The Oregonian.

Thanks for listening. As always, I welcome your feedback on these decisions.

Silicon Florist gig board pricing reduced

[Editor: I apologize for the heavy Silicon-Florist-oriented content this week. Lots of stuff swirling about the site while news has been light. I’m digging around for more stories to get the focus back on you. Have something interesting? Drop me a line or, better yet, add your Silicon Forest startup to my watchlist.]

We’ve lost our lease! Everything must go!

Oh wait. This isn’t one of those posts. But it is about dropping prices.

Given that the Silicon Florist Gig board is all about helping Web startups, boutique development groups, and other companies with Web-tech oriented positions find the talent they need, it makes sense that, well, folks actually feel comfortable using it.

And unfortunately, since the free postings have been exhausted, the board has gone a bit stagnant. Which makes me think that the price to post may have been aggressive, at best, and perhaps oppressive, at worst. So, I’ve decided to drop the prices for posting.

Pricing is now a buck a day: $15 for 15 days. Hopefully, this will pique some interest and lower the pain of posting to the board.

Honestly, I’d just really like to see this work for employers, for jobseekers, and for the Silicon Forest tech community. So I’d love to hear from you. Still too expensive? Not long enough? Think I should givep the dream and just go free? What can I do? Let me know.

Feeling more comfortable with this direction? Please consider posting a gig.


In the comments below, Jason Grigsby asked, albeit in a bit more couth fashion, “What the heck am I getting for my hard-earned cash?”

Great question. As far as overall Silicon Florist exposure goes, the blog’s traffic numbers are always available via Quantcast or Compete. And the RSS feed subscribers are always available via that FeedBurner chiclet up top.

Below, you’ll find details on the specific number of views each job posting received (from most views to least).

  1. Community manager – Evangelist MyStrands (132 views)
  2. Web design freelance (130 views)
  3. Interactive Strategist Wieden+Kennedy (120 views)
  4. Web Application Developer Intrigo (93 views)
  5. Web Developer WeoGeo (87 views)
  6. Web Application Graphic Designer Intrigo (73 views)
  7. Rails Developer Planet Argon (69 views)
  8. Marketing and Sales Intrigo (67 views)
  9. Software Engineer, Level 1 Jive Software (60 views)
  10. Interactive Information Architect Wieden+Kennedy (55 views)
  11. Interactive Senior Designer Wieden+Kennedy (49 views)
  12. QA Engineer Tripwire, Inc. (46 views)
  13. Interactive Traffic Manager Wieden+Kennedy (45 views)
  14. Interactive QA Engineer Wieden+Kennedy (33 views)
  15. Senior Software QA Engineer Jive Software (30 views)
  16. Software Engineer – Library Development – Contract Position Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  17. Senior Optical Design Engineer Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  18. Director of Channel Sales Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  19. Director of Pre-Sales Engineering Lightfleet Corporation (15 views)
  20. Senior Software Engineer – Linux Kernel Lightfleet Corporation (14 views)
  21. Senior Staff Software Engineer – Linux Kernel Architect Lightfleet Corporation (13 views)
  22. Senior IC Verification Engineer Lightfleet Corporation (11 views)

Interesting Silicon Forest gigs this week

The Silicon Florist Gig board has started to, well, blossom. And I’m getting some good feedback for improvements, already.

Here are some interesting gigs that have been posted:

  • Rails Developer at Planet Argon
    “Enthusiasm for the web as a medium of communication and interaction is key. Ideal candidates should also honor best practices such as healthy dialogue, refactoring, TDD/BDD, and version control.”
  • Interactive Strategist at Wieden + Kennedy
    “The Strategist will be expected to lead projects that may include brand activation, immersive brand experiences and innovative applications of technology to provide solutions for our clients’ business challenges.”
  • Software Engineer at Jive Software
    “Our challenge is finding someone who has some experience with Java and development, but who also enjoys interacting with customers to understand the technical challenges they face and how to make our products work with their systems. This isn’t a customer-service or sales role, but calls for someone who is interested in coding, learning our systems and growing into more senior roles with a growing company.”
  • QA Engineer at Tripwire
    “We need a Software QA engineer to be a key contributor on our team testing the market leading IT configuration audit and control software tool-set. You will exercise the software with the goal of identifying potential problems early in the software development life-cycle and assist in all aspects of the testing and quality assurance process.”
  • Web Developer at WeoGeo
    “Our applications use Ruby on Rails on the server side and JavaScript/Ajax on the front end. Ideally you already have strong skills and experience in both of these areas so you can get up to speed quickly.”
  • Web Application Developer at Intrigo
    “Intrigo makes web applications nearly exclusively. Over half of our client base is made up of startup companies so you’ll be working on some of the more innovative and interesting projects out there. We are continually testing the limits of standard web technologies and we push them in interesting ways.”

For the entire list of jobs, visit the Silicon Florist Gig board. Interested in posting an open position? It’s only $50 for a two-week posting.

Silicon Florist: Job postings

I wanted to highlight some of the interesting (read “the only”) jobs that have been posted to the Silicon Florist gig board, this week.

  • Marshall Kirkpatrick is looking for freelance Web design talent
    “I’m looking to have a couple of people I can refer to consulting clients who need web design help. These requests come my way every once in a while and I don’t know anyone who’s available and awesome. Let’s save the world from ugly web apps!”
  • MyStrands is looking for a Community Manager – Evangelist
    “This position will play a key role in creating a community around upcoming services. You will evangelize, create, execute, and evaluate community building and online marketing campaigns in line with MyStrands’ overall strategy. You will develop marketing campaigns, community programs and proactively drive communications, with a strong focus in Portland, Oregon and the Northwest.”

Remember, if you’re interested in test driving the Silicon Florist gig board, now would be a great time to stick your toe in the proverbial water. Until the end of March, you can post up to three jobs the first 20 jobs posted will be absolutely free of charge. (Turns out the Jobamatic discount code total isn’t “per user” as I had assumed.) First come, first served. Simply use the discount code “earlybird” at checkout.

New Feature: Silicon Forest Job/Gig board

It’s officially Spring. And Spring is always a good time to plant some new stuff.

As I strive to make this site more useful for both the folks who are trying to create startups here in the Silicon Forest and the folks who are interested in following those startups, one thing has become abundantly clear to me: there are a lot of people looking for other people to help them.

And sometimes, they’re looking for people to work for them.

So I thought it might be helpful to launch a gig board of sorts. And then I posed a hypothetical question on Twitter. And the response absolutely convinced me it was the right thing to do.

So, I scrambled to create the Silicon-Forest-startup-oriented job and gig board.

Now, it’s not terribly pretty (neither was this blog up until a short while ago), but it is functional.

In the interest of time, I decided to use a canned solution for the proof-of-concept. Call it an agile mentality or use Guy Kawasaki’s phrasing. Either way, it seemed best to get it out there so we could start gathering requirements. But I would like to build something custom that better meets your needs.

So please bang on it, and then let me know what features you would like to see. And if I can’t accomplish that with the canned solution, I’ll work your ideas into the custom solution I’m planning to commission.

Oh, and at this point the job board is completely blank. Which is sort of detrimental to the whole “job search” thing. And, really, who wants to be the first to jump into the pool? [Update: Thanks to Marshall Kirkpatrick (Web designer) and MyStrands (Community Manager – Evangelist) for taking the plunge!]

Well this may help. Until the end of March, anyone can post up to three jobs completely free of charge by using the discount code “earlybird” at checkout.

What have you got to lose?

Now, I know many of you have more than three jobs to post. And the “underwriting the Silicon Florist” survey directed me to get creative about finding ways to fund the continued development of this site. So, I’ve started the cost of a job posting at $50 for 2 weeks.

That seems reasonable without being exorbitant. So, let’s see how that goes.

Again, I’m looking forward to your feedback. And I’m hoping that we can make the Silicon Florist Job and Gig board a valuable resource for all of the startups here in the area.

Don’t forget “earlybird” gives you a chance to try it out for free. So please do.