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Goboz launches Digg for Portland

Portland-based Goboz, which has been available to a closed group of beta testers, has officially gone live, today, as promised.

Goboz features Citysearch-like functionality for reviewing and rating business. And the company has been working to position itself in this light. I mean, it’s Portland. We like to chat about our restaurants and bars. And, continuing down that path will likely be Goboz’ best means of supporting the site with local advertising revenue.

And, it’s true: Citysearch is horrible. It’s an easy target. No argument there.

At first blush, the easy Goboz brush-off could be “Another Digg clone?” or “Is this another Pligg site?” Do we really need another way to rank restaurants and bars in town?

Maybe not. But Goboz has something we do need. I’m thinking there’s some real potential here. That, if Goboz plays their cards right, they could fill a very interesting niche for the Portland Web community.

I think the true utility of Goboz is its ranking engine. Not for businesses, necessarily, but for Portland-based news and blog entries. And currently, that sort of activity is vastly under-served in our beloved Rose City.

I mean, as far as locally focused news-ranking services go, there’s The Oregonian reddit. And then there’s…. Well, that’s about it, actually.

So, while Goboz seems to want to lump themselves in with the Citysearch crowd, I’m going to advise you head over to the Goboz site with “Portland’s Digg” in mind. There could be some real value to the blogging community in that type of service.

In fact, I’ve added this post to Goboz, and we’ll see if you agree.


Breaking News: SplashCast to release fullscreen player

We all know that Portland-based SplashCast has been hinting at some interesting stuff in the works. It appears that one of the features in the offing is a fullscreen version of the SplashCast player.

Well, It’s big. I’m not seeing any content Now, I’m seeing content.

I’ve no idea how long this link will be live. But give the SplashCast fullscreen player a shot.

[Update] In other news, it appears that SplashCast has revamped their landing page, giving visitors direct access to SplashCast channels. Another welcome change.

Uncloaking: LUNARR

Apparently, Wednesday is the “Announce the events I’d really like to attend yet upon which I will inevitably be forced to bail” Day at Silicon Florist. Here’s another one:

Portland-based LUNARR, which has gotten quite a bit of press for a company in stealth mode, is disengaging its cloaking device on September 17 at CubeSpace.

LUNARR was founded by wildly successful Japanese entrepreneur Toru Takasuka of Cybozu fame:

LUNARR was founded in January of 2006 in the high tech corridor of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. The brainchild of Toru Takasuka, one of Japan’s foremost technology entrepreneurs, LUNARR was founded on the idea that every knowledge worker in an organization has the potential to be a creative contributor, one who can have a significant impact on the organization’s success by sharing his or her unique ideas and perspectives through collaboration.

What do they do? Do you not understand the concept of “stealth”? I don’t know. We’ll just have to go to the launch party, won’t we? And by “we,” I mean “you.”

For information on the launch party, see the Upcoming page.

(Hat tip to Dawn Foster)

Reminder: Digital Identity and OpenID, tonight

Just a reminder that Jive Software will play host to the Portland Web Innovators [Update: The Portland Web Innovators’ Web site is currently suffering from a bit of “digg effect,” but all of the details you will need are on the Upcoming page event, tonight, entitled “Digital Identity and OpenID.” Scott Kveton will be speaking. The event starts around 7 PM.

Digital identity promoter Scott Kveton will talk about his experience with OpenID and the future of digital identity on the web. He worked at JanRain (creators of MyOpenID) as CEO and helped it reach Business 2.0’s list of Startups to Watch. Now Scott consults and speaks on identity and open source.

Portland WikiWednesday, you’re invited (tonight)

The gang at AboutUs is hosting a WikiWednesday. Today. At 6:30 PM.

On short notice, the AboutUs team is partnering with some Portland, Oregon area wiki enthusiasts for a WikiWednesday event also tomorrow at 6:30. The event will be held at the new AboutUs office at 107 SE Washington St, Suite 520, Portland OR 97214. We’re planning on having the usual social meetup fair with the hopes of organizing a BarnRaising to build out some articles for — a cool wiki that’s a source of “how-to” information. If you’re in the Portland area you’re warmly invited to drop by and join in the fun. We’ll also try to monitor the AboutUs IRC channel at irc:// so that people in other locations can maybe “drop by” as well.

Sorry for the last minute notice, but I just stumbled upon it myself.

Oregon Startups finds 37, asks for more

[Editor: Ah good. The long weekend is over. Now, we can get back to the news. I’ve been holding this one for you, waiting for you to get back to your computer. Because that’s just how I am, gentle reader.]

There’s a great list of Oregon-based Web 2.0 companies posted on Oregon Startups. It’s currently sitting at 37 companies:

Expanding the focus to Oregon (not just Portland) I’ve been putting together a list of Oregon Web 2.0, building on the inputs from Michael and Ryan. And I’m up to 37. You can certainly argue that some of these are “Web 2.0 technology companies” as opposed to “Web 2.0 companies” (e.g., JanRain with their Open ID technology) — so yes, I’m being flexible. I will argue that all of these companies have a very strong plug-in to web 2.0!

Is your startup there? Is your friends’ startup there? Check the list and do your part to help it grow.

Portland Open Coffee Club, September 19

Portland Open Coffee Club is a gathering of entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-o-phile-ish people who meet at the Stumptown on Division every month to compare notes. The next meeting is September 19 at 10:00 AM.

The OpenCoffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow.

For more information on Open Coffee Club, see the Open Coffee Club Ning site. To RSVP for the Portland event, see Upcoming.

And just to allay any fears, liking coffee is not a pre-requisite for attendance.

AboutUs expands into new space

AboutUs, the Portland-based Wikipedia of business listings, has relocated its office, moving to a larger space in industrial Southeast Portland. The Olympic Mill, to be exact. Or the OMCC, as the cool kids like to say.

Need to drop by? Here’s the address:

For anyone needing to send us mail, cookies or other care packages at the new space, the address is: 107 SE Washington #520, Portland, OR 97214

AboutUs is a wiki whose goal is to create a free and valuable Internet resource containing information both about websites and other community created topics. The site was pre-populated with information about many different websites and thousands of updates are now being made by people each day.

Version Tracker acquired by CNET

Portland-based Version Tracker, which began its life a decade ago as Kurt Christensen’s list for tracking the latest Macintosh software, announced that the company has been acquired by CNET.

Kurt shares the news on the Version Tracker blog:

Today marks an important milestone for us, as we become part of the CNET family of sites. I’m really excited about this. It gives VersionTracker—and our sister sites, iPhone Atlas and MacFixIt—more resources to grow and gives us higher visibility than I could have ever imagined for our humble site. It also gives CNET a stronger presence in the Mac market than ever before. I think that says a lot about what we’ve been able to create here at TechTracker.

Response from the Version Tracker community has been mixed. Several comments express little love for CNET entering the picture.

(Hat tip Nino Marchetti)

Roundup: KATU Portland-blogger meetup

If you—like I—missed the KATU Portland-blogger meetup, don’t despair, gentle reader. We all know that actually attending events falls a distant second behind reading about those events in other people’s blogs.

So, here’s a smattering of the coverage from the Portland blogging crowd:

  • [UPDATE] Official Roundup from Brian Westbroook
  • Flickr photos tagged “KATUmeetup”
  • Winner (so far) of Most Detailed Recap: KATU Blogger Meetup, The Incriminating Evidence
    “I’m glad I went. It was a real positive experience, not only getting to see the inside of a TV studio building that gave me a lot of the broadcasts on which I was raised, but just seeing what was where and getting an idea of how a television station works (a lifelong desire of mine), but getting to know the IRL faces of the people I read regularly (I already mentioned a few; I was able to thank LynnS at Oregon Media Insiders for the fine job she does).Very few people looked like I thought they would, FWIW.”
  • KATU linky love
    “Blogging in Portland has certainly changed. Of the bunches of attendees who RSVPd for tonights. KATU blogger meetup, I know…one. Two, if JD decides to stop by.”
  • Mercury Parking Lot Foursquare A Raging Success
    “Thanks to all you local bloggers who showed up to play Foursquare in our parking lot this afternoon, before heading off to Katu’s so-called “blogger meet-up.” You know who you are. No, really. You know who you are. Because there were only three of you.”
  • KATU Is My New Best Friend
    “See, the Merc was my best friend when they bought me a chai and sent me a get well card. But now, KATU tried to get me drunk and fed me really good food and gave me a Rockstar and a thumb drive.”
  • And now for an update….
    “The KATU blogger meetup was a good time. I think some of us were apprehensive about the event wondering if Chris Hanson would show up to ‘catch a blogger.'”
  • [pdx] KATU Puts On a Fine Show
    “Regardless of what anyone might feel about on-air talent, the KATU news anchors were the very definition of affable. Incrediby nice and friendly people. I was pleased to meet Rod Hill and Debra Knapp–just missed meeting Steve Dunn–and they were just the sweetest people. It was uncanny the way Rod Hill could just pick up a conversation with you talk with you.”
  • A Totally Awkward Probably Not Fun Time
    “I got invited, even though I don’t really think of myself as much of a blogger (I was attracted to this format mostly because of the ease of organizing categories).”
  • Local bloggers mingle at the KATU News studios
    “Yours truly was in attendance and even I (an admitted introvert, wallflower and altogether socially inept person) had a good time. Although I didn’t get around to meeting a lot of the bloggers (again… introvert here), I did actually talk with a few interesting folks. I was also quite surprised, and of course very flattered, when one of them recognized me from the picture on my blog’s home page. “
  • Bloggers meet in Portland
    “Like other smart local media outlets, KATU-TV has taken a position of embracing the personal media revolution in its community. This isn’t easy for TV stations, but it’s an important first step in participating in the conversation — the buzz — that is the cyberspace community. I don’t see how media companies will be relevant in the years to come without taking this step.”
  • Portland Blogger Meetup
    “I was impressed with the amount of creative work that went into the meetup by KATU. They created a great logo and then splashed that across all of their materials – the signage pointing bloggers into the station, the name tags, and even in these fun little goody-bags that everyone received as a parting gift. Some poor intern probably went to great effort to unwrap candy bars and re-wrap them with their fun logo – a nice touch. Thanks go to the intern!”
  • KATU says, Hey Blogger
    “Surprising to all in attendance, last night’s event was actually a great deal of fun. We got a tour of all two rooms of KATU’s building, I rested my bummy arse on the anchors’ desk, and we took a group photo (followed up, of course, by a group hug…not really, but one would have been nice). Free finger food, wine and a keg of local brew (Widmer Bros. ) definitely performed the task of social lubricant, as I’m sure was intended.”
  • Free beer for bloggers, but why?
    “About 70 of us stood around nibbling finger food, drinking wine and beer and talking blogger talk. I was probably the oldest blogger in the room, but no one called me “sir.” When I told them about The Red Electric and showed them my card, several actually said, ‘Cool!'”
  • KATU blogger meetup
    “I think I went expecting to discover some evil master plan, or causes mischief, as well as to meet some of the faces of people I know online, but have never met in person.”
  • I fellate the KATU blogger meetup
    Well, in spite of the fact that I wasn’t invited by KATU (which I was told paid a contractor $10,000 to read OrBlogs and create an invitation list that somehow excluded me!!!) I WAS invited by Drew to attend the KATU blogger meet-up and I’m SO glad I went because I met and got to hang out with some really charming people. I’m going to express my gratitude by actually blogging about the event, because I assume that was the point … (Wait, what WAS the point?)”

Did I miss your entry? If so, it was a nod to the oversights of the original invite. But feel free to link it up in the comments.

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