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Still virtual: Portland Lunch 2.0 is Wednesday and Founders Live Portland is Thursday

While it appears we’re edging ever closer to another lockdown, I remain hopeful that we continue to build and connect community regardless of what the future might hold. So if you’re interested in connecting with folks in the Portland startup community in a virtual environment, there are two events this week designed to do just that.

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Another month, another virtual Portland Lunch 2.0

While things are starting to get back to in person, we’re going to take our own sweet time with Portland Lunch 2.0 and stay virtual for the July event.

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New to Portland? Looking to reconnect with folks? Portland Lunch 2.0 can help

Portland has never been terribly good at networking events. It’s just the way things are. But with the influx of folks who have arrived in town during the pandemic and the community members who are looking to re-engage with the startup community as the pandemic subsides, it seems like we should at least try to provide more opportunities for random collisions to happen. That’s why we’re working to reboot Portland Lunch 2.0.

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REMINDER: Portland Lunch 2.0 is Tuesday, May 25

Portland was always a little light on the general networking events. And the pandemic only made that more pronounced. Which is why I’m hoping that a little resurgence of Portland Lunch 2.0 — the long running lunchtime networking event for the Portland startup community — can help make connections as we work toward recovery. And the next one is happening tomorrow, Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

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REMINDER: Virtual Portland Lunch 2.0, this Thursday

While the regularity of Portland Lunch 2.0 isn’t what it used to be, I’m hoping that the opportunity to connect with other folks in the Portland startup community is still a compelling reason to gather. That’s why I put another Portland Lunch 2.0 on the calendar for this week.

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A virtual Portland Lunch 2.0 to make some real Portland startup community connections

While the pandemic has caused any number of hardships and hassles for folks, there are a handful of things that have become a bit easier in this fully remote world. Like throwing together virtual versions of events that often require far more logistics to pull off in person. With that in mind — and with so many folks expressing feelings of disconnectedness — I thought it might be a good idea to revive Portland Lunch 2.0 one more time before the end of the year.

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How to Portland Lunch 2.0

While it used to be common knowledge around these parts, Portland Lunch 2.0 seems to have become a bit of an enigma. I can tell, because every time I start talking about it, folks are like “How do we even do a Portland Lunch 2.0?” Fair question. Let’s see if we can clear some of this up. For both attendees and hosts.

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The dream of a free lunch is alive in Portland Lunch 2.0

As the year draws to a close, it’s only reasonable that we start looking to the new year. And planning for ways to improve and strengthen the connections in the Portland startup community. And given some of the feedback I’ve received throughout the year, I can’t help but wonder if we should reboot Portland Lunch 2.0 as something more than a Portland Startup Week activity.

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Nostalgia trifecta: Portland Lunch 2.0, chatting with Steph Stricklen at KGW, and (soon) Beer and Blog

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: one of my favorite things about Portland Startup Week is getting the chance to revisit some of the classic events that made the Portland startup community, well, the Portland startup community. And while I knew Portland Lunch 2.0 and Beer and Blog were on the docket, I got an awesome surprise blast from the past today. Read More

Oldies but goodies: Portland Startup Week to feature Startup Weekend, Lunch 2.0, and Beer and Blog

One of my favorite things about Portland Startup Week is that it gives our whole community the chance to revisit some of the amazing events that helped many of us get connected in the first place—even though some of those events have fallen by the wayside. This year is no different. Read More

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