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Portland Web and graphic design community to the City: Spec work? Ur doin it wrong

In a classic case of one step forward, two steps back the City of Portland is now proposing a design contest to redesign PortlandOnline. And it’s spec work.

[HTML3]Sigh. And just when we thought things seemed to be going so well with the City of Portland. I mean, the City had committed to being more open, gone out for bid on fixing the PortlandOnline site, and just ratified the Portland Economic Development Strategy. Yet, now that string of victories risks being thoroughly undermined by a slap in the face to the Portland Web and graphic design community.

In a classic case of “one step forward, two steps back,” the City of Portland is now proposing a design contest to redesign PortlandOnline. And it’s spec work. Read More

REMINDER: CubeSpace farewell party tonight

Come join David, Eva, and the CubeSpace staff to say goodbye to the Portland coworking space that has launched a thousand Camps.

Obviously, I’ve been following the whole CubeSpace story—from the efforts to save it to the final decision to close—with morose interest. And now, it’s time to say the final farewell. Since it’s still not clear what’s happening with the rumored resurrection of CubeSpace, today marks the farewell party for the beloved hub of the Portland startup tech scene.

Come join David, Eva, and the CubeSpace staff to say goodbye to the coworking space that has launched a thousand Camps. Read More

Whiffies plays host to gluttony for the good of geeks

The sweet or savory deep fried darling of the Portland, Oregon, startup scene these days isn’t one of our traditional startups. Meet Whiffies.

The sweet or savory deep fried darling of the Portland, Oregon, startup scene these days isn’t one of our traditional startups. Sure, it’s got a Twitter account. Yes, it’s a popular hangout for many of the usual gang in the Portland tech scene. And, of course, it gets most of its work done during #afterhours. But this startup? It makes pies.

Meet Whiffies, the food cart playing host to a very special pie eating contest tonight—Pie Champ 2.0—raising money for Free Geek, our awesome local geeky recycling center. Read More

Following the Florist: Consuming content and interacting with Silicon Florist readers

Well, how about reminding you about all the ways you can consume Silicon Florist content and interact with the awesome startup community here in the Silicon Forest?

It may be a short week, but it’s not a slow news week. That said, it is the Friday of a short week. And posting about really cool startups or important news may get lost in the haze of moving into the weekend.

What to do? What to do?

I’ve got it! How about taking care of some housekeeping around the ol’ Silicon Florist?

What kind of housekeeping you ask? Well, how about reminding you about all the ways you can consume Silicon Florist content and interact with the awesome startup community here in the Silicon Forest? Read More

Save CubeSpace: Rounding up the conversations while we wait for more details [Updated]

As last week drew to a close, the Portland tech community was rallying to help the de facto hub of our community, CubeSpace.

The fervent out-welling of emotion and support continued throughout the weekend—even resulting in coverage from traditional mainstream media.

While there isn’t a great to deal more to report at this point—and Eva and David are understandably choosing to remain silent until a decision has been made—I’ve been getting a number of emails, IMs, and tweets about the issue. So I thought I’d round up what I could. Read More

Save CubeSpace

Well, this is the last thing I expected on this Frenetic Friday. But it seems that arguably the de facto hub of the Portland startup tech scene, CubeSpace, is unfortunately in dire straits.

While we’re still not clear on the specifics dollar amounts involved in the situation, it is clear that the folks at CubeSpace are facing eviction. Read More

Why I spent $4000 to attend free events last year

Remember that other rant at which I was hinting in my last rant? No? Well whether your remember it or not, here we go.

I’ve been concerned lately. Bad economy. Tightening budgets. Volunteer run events relying on sponsors. Not exactly a proven recipe for success.

There’s the bigger volunteer-run events like the Legion of Tech events, Open Source Bridge, WordCamp Portland, and Beer and Blog—and then there are any number of smaller events like Portland Web Innovators, PDX Critique, Refresh Portland, PDX Wiki Wednesday, user groups, yadda yadda yadda. Read More

What are the top 20 Portland blogs?

Where are all of these Portland bloggers blogs?I was digging around on PostRank after reading a great post on the PostRank Newsroom by my favorite Vice President of a Blog, Marshall Kirkpatrick. And that digging lead me to a little gem: the list of the top blogs in Portland, Oregon.

So who’s currently in the top 20? I’m glad you asked.

Here’s how the top 20 blogs in Portland are looking this week:

  1. KATU
  2. Jack Bog’s Blog
  3. Blazers Blog –
  4. Local News
  5. Our PDX
  6. The Portland Tribune – News
  7. Dave Knows: Portland
  8. PORTLAND NEWS – Google Blog Search
  9. Trail Post – A Portland Trail…
  10. Around the Sun
  11. KGW
  12. Portland Transport
  13. Front Porch – Portland Real Estate
  14. KATU – Sports – Local Sports
  15. Portland Acupuncture Blog
  16. Asheville NC concerts [WTF?]
  17. Portland News
  18. Portland, OR
  19. Metroblogging Portland
  20. The Portland Tribune – Jaynes

Wait a second. Those are actually feeds. (But I knew if I put “feeds” in the headline you probably wouldn’t read this.) So let’s whittle down the list to actual blogs:

  1. Jack Bog’s Blog
  2. Blazers Blog –
  3. Our PDX
  4. Dave Knows: Portland
  5. Trail Post
  6. Around the Sun
  7. Portland Transport
  8. Front Porch – Portland Real Estate
  9. Portland Acupuncture Blog
  10. Metroblogging Portland

Okay. So that’s more like it.

But then again. No offense to those on the list, but for as vibrant of a blogging community as we have—I mean, here’s a smattering of Portland WordPress blogs, alone—that’s a pretty damned anemic list.

So I’m going to go import an OPML file from my feed reader and start tagging those feeds appropriately. If you’re interested in seeing a more representative list of Portland (or any other Oregon or Silicon Forest) blogs on here, I’d suggest you do the same.

It would be really nice to see some more of those awesome Portland blogs I know and love making the list.

(Image courtesy of Nate Angell. Used under Creative Commons.)

Like to use the same username everywhere? FriendsCall.Me can help

Friends Call MeSpend any time on a social network where you’re identified by a username or handle—be that Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Shizzow, Gmail, or a multitude of other sites—and you’ll rapidly become associated with that name.

Need an example of this in action? Just show up to a Portland tech event. I can all but guarantee “What’s your Twitter name?” comes up at some point in the conversation.

But like anything online, once you’ve found a name you like, it becomes a matter of consistently using—and reserving it—on sites that you may use. Just so everyone knows that it’s you.

We all get very defensive about our username. And we’ve been dealing with this issue since the days of BBS—actually maybe even CBs, good buddy.

And then there’s the confusion when you have folks who use the same name or who switch identities from service to service. Are you the @aaron from Twitter or the @aaron from

Worst of all? What happens when someone else snags your identity and uses it against you? Like the situation with which the folks from OurPDX were dealing with on Twitter.

To date, the best defense has been the “new social network land grab.” It’s a lemming-like rush to the cliff of every new social network site that crops up. We all sprint over, register our preferred username, and squat on it—just in case we decide to use that social network at some point in the future.

Oh my. Who knew social networking would end up being so much work? I just want my friends to know me, wherever I happen to be. Why does that have to be such a pain in the ass?

Well, thanks to Portland-based FriendsCall.Me, it just got a lot easier. Built by DariusMonsef and PureForm—the duo behind COLOURlovers—FriendsCall.Me cures a whole bunch of the headaches surrounding social network identity management—and it gives you a beautiful new profile/lifestream to boot.

Friends Call Me Turoczy even though they can’t pronounce it

Or, in the words of FriendsCall.Me:

We’re living in the age of the social web. Just about every website you join has a profile for you to fill out. A huge number of really great sites will come online in the next few years and every one will have another profile… this disconnected mess of profiles is going to become more and more of a pain to manage. We’re paving the first steps on the way to helping you organize all those profiles. In the comings days and weeks we’ll be bringing online features that not only allow you to check a username, but register a profile and sync it with all your other profiles… and along the way show you some interesting sites you might not have known about.

So the problems I mentioned above? Owning your chosen username, letting people know you’re you even though your usernames may be different, and getting alerts when new social networks come online? Done, done, and done with FriendsCall.Me.

Want to see where your username is being used? Just run a username check and you’ll see all the spots where it’s living.

If you’re looking to consolidate your profiles under one roof, sign up for an account. Then, you can add a bunch of your social media and social networking accounts to your profile page. Your new FriendsCall.Me profile aggregates all of your identities in one spot.

Finally, if you’re looking to keep control of that identity, you’ve got a bevy of options on how you get alerts. Want every site that comes online? Fine. Just want photo sites? Fine. Mix and match the alerts to meet your needs.

What’s that? Your favorite site isn’t there? That’s easily remedied.

Seen this before?

I’m sure you have. FriendsCall.Me is sure, too:

You may notice that FriendsCall.Me works a lot like some other sites you may have seen… that’s because some of the features we provide aren’t exactly new. The username checking susernameervice was well executed by Jon Sykes before he turned his site off… and several clones have popped up since. In that way, our features are a little “Me Too” but we’re not much for simply copying an old idea and rebranding it. We saw an opportunity to take a few concepts and stir them all together to create a new and much more useful service.

But I like the way these guys think, they’ve got a ton of experience in dealing with social networks, and—let’s face it—I’m going to give any Silicon Forest startup the benefit of the doubt.

I’d love to hear what you think. Give FriendsCall.Me a try and let me know.


Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 10

SLL: Shizzow is Everywhere | OurPDX

Cami Kaos writes “Friday night we were joined by Ryan Snyder and Dawn Foster of our friendly local Shizzow! We had a great time with them on the couch talking about Shizzow going global. Listen to (or watch) the Tech Edition to find out more about Shizzow and get info about SXSWi!”

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CLIF BAR Save Our Snow iPhone App

Another cool iPhone app from Raven Zachary and team “Fight global warming on your iPhone by making an informed choice about where to ski or snowboard. Too warm for snow? Freeze over your iPhone screen with a single breath.”

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Five Simple Ways to Improve an AboutUs Page

Via AboutUs “In all types of wikis, we often see folks who have something of value to contribute but just need a few ideas to jump-start their efforts. If you’re feeling that way in regards to our community, here are five things you can do to create a more comprehensive, effective, and attractive page on AboutUs.”

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1,000 posts later… a reminder of CAOS Theory’s raison d’être

Via The 451 Group “This is the one thousandth post to have been published on the 451 CAOS Theory blog, three years and six days since Raven wrote the first post, describing the blog’s raison d’être. It’s interesting to look back at Raven’s first post as a reminder as to why the CAOS Theory blog was launched and how it continues to add value to what we do and – we hope – the open source ecosystem at large.”

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Data Flows and Crises in Online Reputation Economies

Amber Case writes “In a global, ever-connected economy, it is finally possible to rely on citizen media outlets to receive news almost as soon as it happens, however, people often have a limited basis on which to determine validity. Online, time and space for information gathering is compressed. This also means that time and space for decision making is also reduced. This is why online social networks try to use online metrics to establish validity in as short amount of time as possible.”

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My Strategy for Keeping Up with People & Info at SXSW

Dawn Foster writes “This afternoon, Katherine Gray (aka @thiskat) asked me about my strategy for keeping up with everything at sxsw, and I realized that I didn’t really have one. Here’s a start of one, but I would love to hear what tools other people are using.”

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