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Reminder: Emma is Hosting Lunch 2.0 on Wednesday

Did you forget that Emma (@emmamail) wants to have you over for lunch on Wednesday?

Just wondering because there are only 34 RSVPs on Upcoming, and frankly, that seems a bit low for free lunch. I guess it must be because geeks wait until the absolute last minute to decide on stuff like this.

Emma is currently breaking in their new space on East Burnside; they’ve been hiring local people you might know, e.g. PostgreSQL maven Selena Decklemann (@selenamarie), and they want to get to know you over lunch.

Did I mention they’re also hiring?

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Reminder: Lunch 2.0 Happy Hour at OTBC is Wednesday

Did you know that the OTBC (@otbc) wants to invite you over to their place in Beaverton for cocktails on Wednesday?

Just wondering, since the RSVP list is pretty short right now. Maybe you missed the announcement, or you got busy and forgot. It happens.

Let’s not get into the whole, it’s too far debate. The OTBC can be reached by MAX and bus, and for many of you, it’s on the way home.

So, enough with the excuses.

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Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for January 2011: Urban Airship Lunch 2.0, TSAzr, SXSW, and Pitch Club

Well, it’s a whole new year. And that means… well it means i’m going to do the same thing I did last year. It’s to save you time. And it’s really for the best. That’s right, I’m going to recap the most popular posts from the last month.

But this year? Well 2011 is starting off a little differently. You see, the most popular post for the month wasn’t me covering the Portland tech scene’s startup darling. Read More

Emma Hosting Lunch 2.0 March 9

Hot on the heels of our experimental lunch, erm, happy hour, at the OTBC, we’ll be back to the regular routine at Emma (@emmaemail) on March 9.

Not familiar with Emma? You might be familiar with their office on Burnside, which sports Emma’s purposefully human logo. Explanation:

It’s a nice and handy abbreviation of the phrase email marketing, but more importantly, it brings with it an inherent human quality.

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Lunch 2.0 Returns to the OTBC for Drinks on February 23

On the heels of a wildly successful event on Wednesday, get ready for a Portland Lunch 2.0 first and second.

First, the second. You may recall the OTBC (@otbc) and Steve Morris (@stevemorris) hosted Lunch 2.0 back in early 2009 to open their offices in the Beaverton Round.

Well, they’ve recently moved again, not very far, and Steve has more he wants to tell you about what the OTBC has been doing, including at least a couple juicy announcements.

Now, for the first.

Because heading out to Beaverton for lunch isn’t spectacularly convenient for people who work in Portland and with a hat tip to those of you who rarely or never make it to Beer and Blog (@beerandblog) on Fridays due to westerly commute, we’re trying something new, a happy hour.

So, if you’re driving near Beaverton on February 23 in the evening, between say 4:30 and 7:30-ish, why not stop by and take the edge off with some networking?

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Reminder: Lunch 2.0 at Urban Airship is Wednesday

Time flies, and the Urban Airship (@urbanairship) Lunch 2.0 is upon us, pardon the unintentional aircraft pun.

I hope you’ve made plans to attend. It’s this coming Wednesday, the 26th at Urban Airship’s headquarters in the Pearl.

It’s going to be a good one, judging by the long list of RSVPs.

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Welcome 2011 with Lunch 2.0 at Urban Airship

[HTML1]And we’re back.

It’s been months of silence since we had lunch at City Hall, complete with a Mayor (@mayorsamadams) sighting, and apparently, some of you actually miss little old Lunch 2.0.

The good news is we have a host for January; I was just waiting to announce it until you were finished with your holiday fussing.

So, without further ado, Urban Airship (@urbanairship) cordially invites you to lunch at their place in Old Town (Update: Turns out the office is actually in the Pearl, see comments for background on the geographical correction) for lunch and light networking on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

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Reminder: Lunch 2.0 at City Hall is Wednesday

You read that right. This Wednesday, we’re having Lunch 2.0 at City Hall, brought to you by CivicApps (@civicapps), and Portland Ten(@portlandten).

Maybe I’m wrong in thinking this is a big deal because here it is Monday, and only 71 people have replied over on Upcoming. I know you don’t want to be tied down to a schedule, but if you’re planning to swing by, make sure to RSVP.

This serves two purposes. First, you’ll get fed because the hosts will know how much food to order, and second, we’ll know you’re coming so we can better estimate the crowd size.

Sure, City Hall is pretty big, but we need to monitor the crowd size a bit to ensure that we don’t make a lot of noise that disrupts the daily business of the City, which would be a bad thing.

So, if you’re coming and haven’t done so already, go RVSP now. I’ll wait.

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The City of Portland, CivicApps and Portland Ten to Host Lunch 2.0 October 20

So, this is kind of a big deal.

I’m extremely pleased to announce that the City of Portland, specifically CivicApps (@civicapps), and Portland Ten (@portlandten) will be our hosts for Lunch 2.0 on October 20, 2010 at City Hall.

You may recall from Rick’s coverage that CivicApps is “a contest sponsored by the City of Portland designed to help stimulate and motivate the development community to mix and match all the awesome datasets—more than 100 different types—available from the City.”

Of course, you’re also likely familiar with Portland Ten, a past Lunch 2.0 host, whose mission is to grow ten Portland startups to $1 million in revenue within 18 months.

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Reminder: Slate Technologies Lunch 2.0 is Wednesday

Things have been relatively quiet on the Lunch 2.0 front lately, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

For example, did you remember that Slate Technologies (@slatetechpdx) is hosting Lunch 2.0 on Wednesday, September 15th?

I know, it’s not exactly near downtown, but for a lot of you Southeasterns, it might be close to home. Maybe Wednesday is a good day to work from home?

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