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Sustainability is next for SAO’s Mathews – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “Talked to Harvey Mathews this afternoon for the first time since he quit the Software Association of Oregon a week ago. My first question to him was: What now? ‘I’ve just been really fascinated with this intersection between technology and sustainability, and I think that’s what I’ll pursue, on a contract basis, for a while,’ Mathews said.”

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Live [insert something here] at The Square | OurPDX

Via OurPDX “KGW is debuting its Studio on the Square this week with celebrations on Friday and an open house on Saturday. The Studio on the Square is KGW’s new HD studio in the former Powell’s Travel bookstore space in Pioneer Courthouse Square. The studio has been built with the reporters sitting with windows at their back, showcasing what is going on out on the square. From a viewer’s perspective, we get to watch both the news and something extra (if it happens.) It’s Portland’s own Today show.”

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Amid Portland push, Voyager brings on new partner – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “Voyager already has three Oregon companies in its portfolio, two of which — Elemental Technologies and AboutUs — won their funding in the second half of last year. Voyager remains focused on our state (its partners will be meeting with two, unnamed, companies here later this month), and has strongly hinted that it expects another Oregon investment during the first half of ’09.”

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Introducing ChangeTracker: Tracking Change in Washington – ProPublica

Via Versionista “ProPublica, a non-profit investigative journalism newsroom, now offers ChangeTracker, a service which lets visitors view the most recent changes to (and several other government sites). This service uses Versionista as a back-end. You can even ‘steal their code’ to create your own custom RSS for Versionista.”

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Gnomedex 9.0 at Bell Harbor International Conference Center (Thursday August 20, 2009) – Upcoming

The Technology Conference of Inspiration and Influence! [Editor’s note: And well worth the trip up from the Silicon Forest.]

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Demolicious – Portland Web Innovators at Jive Software (Wednesday April 1, 2009)

Via PDXWI “Come see the great stuff your fellow Portlanders have been working on. Several ten minute demos of new products and side projects.”

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SLL: A Night With John Nastos

Cami Kaos writes “Friday night saw another big first in the history of SLL. During Afterhours we had a live musical performance right there in our little studio, but before that happened we had a very informative Tech Edition. Usually I like one episode from the night better than the other and it’s usually pretty clear cut for me which it was, but if you ask me to pick a favorite this week I’m likely to stare blankly at you for a while before asking if you listened to them both.”

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Portland Data Visualization Group | Monday, March 23, 2009 from 6–8pm

Amber Case and Bram Pitoyo write “It is because of all of these things, and what I feel is becoming an essential next step in the development of trend prediction and the very useful implementation of data and information, that we’ve decided to start having some meetings around this sort of thing. The first Portland Data Visualization Group will be held on Monday, March 23, 2009 from 6–8pm at Webtrends.”

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Five Tracks to Rule Them All

Via Open Source Bridge “The track names for Open Source Bridge are a little unusual. No Ruby, Perl, System Administration, Linux—instead we have Cooking, Chemistry, Culture, Hacks (and Business, but you’ve seen that one elsewhere). So what’s going on? How are these relevant to open source software?”

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Kelly “@verso” Guimont kicks off KGW Live @7 “Hire me”

Um. I kinda put it all in the headline. But check out this new feature from @thesquare starring @verso @beerandblog and @ other stuff.

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Win a SXSW Badge Upgrade at the PDX Pre-SXSW Party

Dawn Foster writes “I talked to Hugh Forrest at sxsw, and he has offered a free upgrade from an Interactive badge to a Gold badge for one lucky winner! Basically, this means that you get to attend the film tracks and screenings in addition to the interactive program.”

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Speed Dating at OTBC, February 28

The 21 ideas being pitched during the Speed Dating session at OTBC.

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Welcome home to a new…

Our PDX Network launches an advice column, featuring @endlessmonkeys with helpful advice.

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Talking SXSW at Beer and Blog / Strange Love Live on March 6

Via Shizzow “First, we’re going to spend some time at Beer and Blog from 4pm – 7pm to talk about how Portlanders can keep in touch at SXSW and find the best parties. I’ll even share one of my secrets about parties at SXSW. Hint: the big parties suck. After Beer and Blog, we will be gracing the Strange Love Live couch again to talk about SXSW and Shizzow.”

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DEMO: How new technology makes us more productive

Via VentureBeat “Jive Software, meanwhile, helps big-name corporate like Nike and John Deere collaborate within a company, with partners, and with customers using Web 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis, and forums. (The Sequoia-backed company has also been integrating with other applications and offering tools that make it easier to use its software even when you’re out of the office.)”

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Tagalus Tag Sprint

Via Tagalus “Here’s the deal – I’m asking you guys to define as many #hashtags as possible – yours, other peoples, tags you’ve seen, tags you’ve used, tags you’ve never used, tags you think should exist – it’s up to you! Also, if you like the service, perhaps consider tweeting about it and pointing your followers toward the site?”

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Strange Love Live: Raven Zachary and James Keller join us

Cami Kaos writes “After a big week in the social tech scene of our fair city it was nice to get back to normal and hole up in the studio for a couple of hours with some great minds. This week we were joined by Raven Zachary and James Keller. We talked about the present and future of iPhone apps and got a peek into Raven’s new venture (which is as yet unnamed and still shrouded in secrecy) and James’ part in it. It was an easy show for Doc Normal and I. We learned at some point that when you have guests as smart as they are you can ask a question and sit back soaking up knowledge like a sponge.”

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Cyborg Anthropology at Portland’s Webvisions on May 22nd, 2009

Amber Case writes “I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at Portland’s WebVisions Conference 2009. After missing the event last year to a scheduling conflict, I am honored to be able to not only attend, but present as well. I have quite a bit of time to present, so I am already writing my speech. If it is not a 100% completely useful speech, then at the very least it will contain some interesting images.”

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Studio on the Square | Beer and Blog

Beer and Blog got some air time on KGW The Square recently, thanks to Brian Westbrook and some quick Skyping.

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Peeking at the proposals: Cooking – Open Source Bridge

Via Open Source Bridge “We’ve had the Open Source Bridge call for proposals open for a few weeks now, and we’re already starting to see some great concepts rolling in. But we can’t keep all this goodness to ourselves. That’s why the proposal system is open—so that you can read about what’s being submitted and comment on which proposals you’d like to see.”

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A Look Behind the Curtain at Techmeme

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Earlier this month I interviewed Techmeme’s first hired human editor, Megan McCarthy, over on ReadWriteWeb. I think McCarthy’s job is a fascinating one and a good indicator of some future trends on the internet. For whatever reason the interview didn’t get as much traction as I hoped it would upon first publication, so I’ve decided to republish it here to make sure readers of get a chance to see it as well.”

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How to be a Mobile Software Forty-Niner

Don Park writes “The year 2008 is the beginning of a gold rush of mobile applications. The iPhone app store has over 20,000 apps and there are numerous stories of developers ’striking it rich’ through good timing and luck. My focus is on Google’s Open Source operating system, Android. Launched in October 2008 with the T-Mobile G1, it has sold at least 300,000 units last year.”

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Business Leader Northwest: Meet leading Portland blogging types at the blogger pavilion

Business Leader NWBusiness Leader Northwest—a leadership conference being held February 25 and 26 at the Oregon Convention Center—is pulling in a number of big names for the conference. People like Stephen Covey, Burgerville Chairman Tom Mears, and Umpqua’s Ray Davis.

But did you know that they’re pulling in a ton of big name local bloggers, as well? It’s true. They’ll have an entire “blogger pavilion” on the trade show floor.

The following folks—many of whom you’ll likely recognize—are slated to be around:

Still on the fence about whether or not to attend? Maybe you should read some posts from these bloggers on the Business Leader NW blog.

How about now? Really? Even with all of those cool bloggers and their insights and stuff?

Okay, fine. Here’s another push: $25 of your entry fee goes to the non-profit of your choice.

See? I knew that would get you, you old softie. So why don’t you go register and we’ll see you in the blogger pavilion at some point.

Need more? Visit the site for a schedule of Business Leader NW or keep up-to-date on the latest by following Business Leader NW on Twitter.




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Masterbacon contest is real heart-stopper –

Via The Oregonian “To pay homage to their favorite pork product and win golden piggy trophies, 32 competitors showed up with tin-foiled pans of their beloved ‘meat candy’ dishes, ready to impress, boast and barter.”

LinuxCon 2009 Portland

Via the Linux Foundation “LinuxCon is a new annual technical conference that will provide an unmatched collaboration and education space for all matters Linux. LinuxCon will bring together the best and brightest that the Linux community has to offer, including core developers, administrators, end users, community managers and industry experts. In being the conference for ‘all matters Linux,’ LinuxCon will be informative and educational for a wide range of attendees. We will not only bring together all of the best technical talent but the decision makers and industry experts who are involved in the Linux community.”

Looking forward: SiOnyx, Iovation, RNA & more – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway covers the positive news coming out of the Silicon Forest this week.

Ignite Portland 5! (…oh, i think i’m gonna be sick) | Positively Glorious!

John Metta writes “The line-up for Ignite Portland #5 is in, and yours truly is on the freight train headed straight for Public Humiliation, USA. I think this must be some kind of payback or revenge for laughing so hard when Cami Kaos went on about ‘her bluff being called.’ There I was, sitting with A.J. and Jon laughing it up. ‘Ha!’ I said, ‘She sent an idea as a joke and totally got called on it!’ Now here I am with waves of nausea spreading over me. Why? Because payback’s a bitch.”

From Planned Obsolescence to Community Innovation

Wende Morgaine writes “Are you worried about technology and information literacy in K12 and higher ed? If you are, I say, let’s get together. Let’s brainstorm. Let’s come up with one idea, or 100 ideas. And let’s implement something. Portland is a tech haven and heaven. Its an open source mecca. And we have the most engaged tech community (possibly in the world.) Let’s implement something great and create a model for school revitalization that will be copied in cities the nation over. We live in Portland. From our transportation to our city government to our tech community we create the kind of innovations that is studied and copied all the time. Yes we can. I am thinking we should meet each other at Ignite5 and plan our first brainstorming meeting in March 2009.”

FiveEdge Media has officially joined the Innerecho family!

Portland’s FiveEdge Media (John Weiss of Refresh Portland fame) gets adopted by innerecho “FiveEdge Media and Innerecho were both founded at about the same time with the same values: we believed in small teams, personal relationships, and the power of great experience design. This was not merely a coincidence. We the founders had actually begun a friendship five years prior.”

Hungry Nerds Flock to Lunch 2.0 – Social Dining for Fun and Profit

Amber Case writes “Are you into tech? Do you want to meet other tech types? Are you tired of eating lunch with the same people? Well you can meet a bevy of interesting people just like you if you attend a Lunch 2.0 event. Here in Portland, 100-150 Nerds flock to a local tech company to eat, greet, get clients, get hired, find employees, and exchange memes. Basically, it rocks—-nerd-style.”

Social Media and the Open Web

Tim Sears writes “Our personal web footprint really is no longer just what we blog about, but is really a collection of our interactions across various social media. I can see this being the future of blogs, in that they are no longer blogs at all, but rather centralized portals to the content that person contributes across the web. The first natural question to this is how do you manage the firehose of content that we each contribute to social media every day? If people wanted to read every tweet you make, wouldn’t they just follow you on Twitter? This is where tags and hashtags come into play, in that we find meaning and value in content we contribute through the metadata we and others provide with it. It’s machine-readable, so it’s easy to process.” and Strands partner to offer the best personalized recommendations of services and places

Via Strands “We are happy to announce that Strands is partnering with the Spanish start-up to offer the best personalized recommendations of services and places to their users., the European equivalent to Yelp, is used for people to save, share and keep track of the places and services they like around the world through reviews, pictures and videos.”

How Ignite Portland Presentations are Selected

Aaron Hockley writes “With the fifth incarnation of Ignite Portland coming up in a few weeks, one issue surrounded in a bit of mystery is the process used to select the presenters. With far more entries than speakers (Ignite Portland 5 had over 80 submissions with less than 20 chosen to speak), many people wonder why they weren’t chosen or how the field is narrowed.”

What Twitter could have given Sam, and Portland | Our PDX Network

Abraham Hyatt writes “Late last month, when the whole Gov. Blagojevich indictment situation was threatening to taint Barack Obama’s transition, two writers at the Politico put together a list of “five rules of scandal response” that the president-to-be had intentionally, or unintentionally, imposed on his staff. Rule No. 1 was simple: ‘Be transparent, to an extent.’ Sam Adams didn’t get that memo. As the opening days of the Breedlove scandal unfolded, Adams hid. He hid from the press, from his critics and from his city. And it’s too bad, because whether you support the mayor or not, he had an incredible communications tool at his fingertips: his Twitter account.”

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Online Community Manager: Yes, It’s Really A Job

Dawn Foster writes “I have also noticed that online community management positions tend to be weathering the current economic downturn better than some other jobs. Community managers are still being hired on a regular basis, and I’m still seeing openings on various job boards for companies looking to hire community managers. Here are just a couple of examples of companies who are currently looking for or have recently hired a community manager….”

Portland Twitter Storm Team #pdxtst – Explained

Aaron Hockley provides a quick history of the local Twitter #pdxtst meme.

SLL: beer & blog, oh and a podcast too | Our PDX Network

Cami Kaos writes “Friday night we had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Beer & Blog’s Justin Kistner for round about 4 hours. Now we didn’t record all of it but we went over time on both the tech edition and afterhours because we all had so much to say. Justin was an excellent guest and he’s welcome back anytime. We were also joined by his lovely wife Christine and Strange Love Live and Beer & Blog regular Verso.”

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Get Ready – Tickets to Ignite Portland 5 Become Available Feb. 5 at 10AM at Ignite Portland

Via the Ignite Portland blog “So, to hopefully make the process a little more accessible to everyone, we’re pre-announcing when we’re going to make the free tickets to Ignite Portland 5 available – 10AM PST on Thursday, February 5, 2009. When the time comes, details will be posted here at Make sure you’re subscribed to the feed, and follow @igniteportland on Twitter.”

Why Websites Should Accept Multiple Third Party Identity Account Logins

Via the JanRain blog “There’s been some discussion lately about the ‘competition’ between Facebook Connect and OpenID-based third party authentication. From our experience, its in the best interest of most websites to accept multiple third party authentication solutions, since users may prefer to use a wide variety of accounts to facilitate registration and login. Why would you want to tie the success of your website to only one third party identity provider and risk missing some prospective user registrations or not let your users login with their preferred provider?”

Our Man on the DC Scene

Via OurPDX “Dieselboi’s at the inauguration RIGHT NOW! And while he’s having spotty cell connectivity, I thought I’d throw up one or two links so you can vicariously live through his experiences RIGHT NOW!”

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Thank You San Francisco! Get Ready Portland |

Via SXSW “The next SXSW Interactive mixer will be held at the Fez Ballroom in Portland (316 SW 11th at Burnside) on January 19th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. RSVP to now to ensure your spot on the guest list. Porter Novelli, the official PR agency of SXSW Interactive, is the co-sponsor of these networking parties.”

Installing CouchDB Edge

Via Chris Anderson “CouchDB’s been seeing some interest growth lately, and we’ve been ‘on the cusp’ of an 0.9 release for a while. 0.9 is still ‘soon,’ but for those who don’t want to wait for a release, you’ll need to run against CouchDB trunk if you want to play with the latest codes.”

Raven Zachary on Jobs and Apple – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “I happened to be walking to a coffee with top iPhone developer Raven Zachary this afternoon when the news broke about Steve Jobs taking a leave from Apple.”

Who Will Be The Bacon Master? | Our PDX Network

Cami Kaos writes “That’s right everyone, Masterbacon is almost upon us. Join the bacon loving masses this Saturday, 1 PM at Davis Street Tavern for a bacon contest. There will be a grand prize winner and a runner up plus several special awards. But don’t show up empty handed, all who attend are expected to participate in some fashion.”

CitySpeek » Girl in Your Shirt

Via Girl In Your Shirt “CitySpeek is a NEW micro-messaging service that allows you to stay in contact with friends, co-workers, teammates and customers. You can create public and private groups and upload photos.”

Top 15 Twitter Acronyms | Pistachio

Alexander Howard writes “There you go. The top 15 Twitter acronyms, along with a few extra ones in the explanations. If you have others that you think should be included, add ‘em to the comments. @verso & @ahockley maintain a whimsical wiki called the ‘Twictionary‘ where you can find more coinages.”

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Watch Me Present: Beyond Beer and Blog

Aaron Hockley writes “On Saturday at 10:45am (PST) I’ll be presenting Beyond Beer and Blog: How Social Media Lit Up the Portland Tech Scene at WordCamp: Las Vegas. I’ll be speaking about the Portland tech communities and how we’re using social media to drive all sorts of good things both online and offline. The event is being streamed on Ustream, so feel free to tune and listen.”

Keep Bad Apples Away From Your Team

Josh Bancroft writes “I was listening to episode #370 of the This American Life podcast (which is one of my favorite podcasts), on the topic “Ruining It For The Rest Of Us”. At the beginning of the show, Ira was talking with a researcher who had done studies on the effect of “bad apple” behavior within teams. He looked at what effect someone who is a Jerk (insults other people, critical without offering a better option, etc.), a Slacker (doesn’t do any work, doesn’t seem to care, distracted), or Depressed (certain that ‘this will never work’, doomed to failure, etc.) has on the rest of the people on the team.”

WebVisions – Webvisionary Awards 2009

Via WebVisions “Now in its second year, the Webvisionary Awards recognizes outstanding work in categories that range from web apps to community sites. The entries are judged by leading visionaries in design, technology, advertising and business strategy.”

What do the iPhone, Wii, and Ignite Bend have in common?

Via Ignite Bend “Ignite Bend 1 has sold out! That’s right, all of our (free) advance tickets have been reserved. Now there are only two ways to try to get in the doors and enjoy Ignite Bend 1 live, and in person”

The PDX Gen-Y Project

InsYght Consulting has launched a research project called “The PDX Gen-Y Project.” The purpose of the undertaking is to catalog or capture the life styles of Portland Oregon Gen Yers in 2009. The hope is that by creating a place for Generation Y in PDX to really express themselves or to witness their innovation and creativity, that both clients and other generations may have an insight into Gen-Y.

OurPDX meetup next Tuesday, 1/13

Via OurPDX “So we compared our calendars, checked sports schedules, ruled out the Obama inauguration day, steered clear of all of those Wednesday events, and finally settled on Tuesday, January 13th.”

Help ORBlogs: Hit The Development Server! | Oregon Blogs

Via the ORBlogs Blog “Well, we’re all back to work now that the holiday madness has ended, and that means that development is heating up again on ORBlogs. This year, Santa dressed up as Bill Jackson and left a development server under our tree. The server is at”
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