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Mike Berkley on ‘Preparing for the Next Web Boom’

[HTML2][Editor: The following is a guest post by Mike Berkley, who served as the CEO of Portland-based SplashCast until its recent demise. Mike and I have had any number of conversations about the startup scene here in town. And I asked him if we wouldn’t mind putting his thoughts into a post. The first post—of hopefully many—follows.]

Preparing for the Next Web Boom

Since putting SplashCast to rest a few months ago, I’ve finally had time to reconnect with the entrepreneur community here in Portland, as well as in the Bay Area and NYC.  I’ve packed my days full of coffee, apricot scones, phone calls, and meetings… lots of meetings.  I’ve talked to dozens of entrepreneurs and investors.

Two themes have surfaced in this process. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for August 2009

It was a fairly quiet month here in the Silicon Forest. A nice ebb and flow of big stories punctuated by periods of silence. But it’s August. So that’s to be expected.

So what did the dog days of summer reveal for the startup scene in Oregon? Well, even as quiet as it was, there were still quite a few stories—here and there—that got people talking. Which ones? Well, here are the top 10 posts according to your peers—a combination of Web and RSS metrics—from Silicon Florist for August 2009. Take a look. Read More

Positive press: The Oregonian points to the potential the startup community holds

Hang in there, you entrepreneurial type you. You’re making progress. I know it. You know it. And now, other folks are starting to take notice. Like The Oregonian.

In a recent article entitled “Oregon’s high-tech better off now than in dot-com bust” business and tech reporter Mike Rogoway—one of the mainstream media folks in Portland who clearly “gets it”—had the following to offer about the under the radar startup scene: Read More

DEMO 09: Ontier Pixetell offers asynchronous online meetings via email

Ontier PixetellOffers whoosa whatsa?

Okay, okay. Maybe the headline is a bit too hyperbolic—and those are my words, not theirs, so blame me. But that’s the first thing that jumped to mind when I saw Portland-based Ontier demo their product Pixetell at DEMO 09.


Here’s another way I’d describe it: it’s like having Seesmic and Jing wedged into your email. Better? No?

Okay, maybe it would be better to let them explain what their product does:

Pixetell on-demand software provides the power of in-person interaction and the convenience of email. You can verbally and visually explain spreadsheets, drawings, designs, proposals… anything on your screen. With Pixetell, you quickly combine screen recordings, voice, webcam, rich text and attachments into a secure, interactive message sent over existing channels including email, blogs, wikis, IM and Twitter. Recipients view Pixetells at their convenience in their Web browser and can reply with their own Pixetell message.

And their not the only ones talking about it. Spend 5 minutes on stage at DEMO and a whole bunch of people start chattering about your product.

Here’s what some other folks are saying:

DEMO: Ontier’s Pixetell packs more collaboration into email (VentureBeat)

Pixetell is one of those products that sounds a little fuzzy at first, but really grabs your attention (or mine, at least) once you see it in action. Basically, it allows you to use screen recordings, voice, web cam, rich text and other attachments to enrich emails and related documents — spreadsheets, designs, proposals and so on. And it allows you to add these things as part of your normal workflow, using a simple dashboard that appears at the bottom of your screen.

Move over e-mail, here come ‘Pixetells’ (Computerworld)

Regular e-mail, especially for complicated discussions, can be tedious, with many messages going back and forth before a problem gets solved, said CEO Sebastian Rapport, who will demonstrate Pixetell at the Demo conference in Palm Desert, Calif.

Web conferences have their own limitations as well, because they can be hard to schedule, especially for distributed teams, he said. “At awkward hours, you can’t get it done,” Rapport said.

Pixetell, meanwhile, “sits somewhere between e-mail and Web conferencing,” he said.

DEMO 09 companies that work for me (Cool Tools Happy Blog)

Ontier’s Pixetell is on-demand software that lets users verbally and visually explain spreadsheets, designs, proposals – basically anything that’s on your PC screen. Instead of using a Web-based collaboration or conferencing service like WebEx, you can create a similar demonstration or explanation of anything and then send it off in a Pixetell message. The user interface looks gorgeous, and the demo was very effective in showing what it could do.

Demo 09: Doing More With Less (Forward Thinking)

The major presenters started with Ontier, Inc., which showed a product called Pixetell, a competitor to products like WebEx allows you to send screen shots, video and audio in a special email message;; and to respond similarly. You can use a web cam for video or capture what is happening on your screen; and collect the responses via email. What I like about it is that it allows for a rich media conversation that doesn’t have to be in real time. It looked very easy to set up, and I can see how businesses could like this very much.

Nice to have you out of stealth, Ontier

It’s great to have another Silicon Forest company launching at DEMO (Iterasi launched at DEMO 08 and SplashCast launched at DEMO 07), especially one that appears to have been so well received by those watching the show.

Here’s hoping we see more of Ontier around Portland, now that they’re done being stealthy.

Ontier, Inc. was founded in early 2008 in Portland, Oregon by industry veteran Sebastian Rapport. The company is comprised of a global team of experienced managers and product developers brought together to enable a leap forward in the way we communicate.

For more information or to sign up for the beta, visit Ontier.


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Reviewing Oregon’s top tech stories of 2008 – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “Portland’s culture of socially networked startups: With a social calendar any undergrad would envy, a host of Portland Web startups knitted a vibrant tech culture concentrated in Old Town. Jive, Vidoop, Splashcast and many, many others made this a good year to be young (or a young company, anyway). And while many have cut jobs, these microbusinesses are holding up better to this point than many tech titans.”

Why I Love My iPod (Yes, This Is Work-Related)

Dawn Foster writes “Instead of music, I fill my iPod with audio podcasts. I don’t watch the news on TV or listen to the radio, so I rely on podcasts as my primary way to consume some types of news (blogs and feeds are also a big part of how I consume information). I use iTunes subscriptions, which allow my podcasts to automagically appear on my computer every day, and I sync my iPod first thing in the morning so that it is ready at all times.”

A year of innovatin’ — 2008 | PDX Web Innovators

Adam DuVander writes “We had ten excellent gatherings in 2008. New Year’s Day seems like an apporiate time to look back, as we get excited for 2009.”

Top Fast Wonder Posts for 2008 and Some Silliness

Dawn Foster writes “I was looking at my Google Analytics for 2008, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the info.”

meme: Current state of me

Selena Deckelmann writes “Audrey started a meme that I liked – so here’s my answers…”

What a busy 2008

Audrey Eschright looks back at a busy—and successful—2008.

2008 Year in Review for Dawn and Plans for 2009

Dawn Foster looks back at 2008 and plans for 2009.

2008 — Another Blogger

Aaron Hockley recaps his achievements in 2008.

JanRain RPX: A login buffet of OpenID, Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, and MySpaceID

JanRainAll of the sudden everybody in Portland is going all Hollywood on us.

First SplashCast announces that they’re partnering with Hulu. And now JanRain has announced that their RPX solution—a product that makes managing the ever-growing variety of distributed login credentials easier for developers and users—is going to be helping Interscope Geffen A&M, a division Universal Music Group, give fans an easier way to connect with their favorite artists.

Using the RPX interface, fans who’d like to connect with say, Lady Gaga, have the option of using their Facebook identity, Google identity, MySpace identity, or any variety of OpenID flavors, like AOL, Yahoo!, or Portland’s MyOpenID or myVidoop.

RPX login box

Where did all of these options come from all of the sudden? Well…

It’s been quite the month for the world of distributed social networking. Both Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect – two services designed to help user manage a single profile across multiple sites – launched on the same day. Then, MySpace followed in close succession with their MySpaceID offering, another distributed social option built on the Open Stack. In a matter of days, the distributed social space went from nascent to completely confusing.

JanRain is hoping to make it a little less confusing, for both developers and users. And if they have to work with big-time music types—like 50 Cent, Fergie, and Guns n’ Roses—to get that done, so be it.

For more information, see JanRain’s RPX specific site or read the release. If you haven’t had your fill of my writing for the day, you can also read my write-up on ReadWriteWeb.

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Shizzow Google Gadget

Via the Shizzow blog “A huge thank you to Matthew Gifford for creating the Shizzow Google Gadget. His reason for creating it was simple…”

Portland Tech Event Extravaganza

Amber Case writes “Looking for something to do this week/month/season in Portland? Itching to get to know more people/minds/ideas? Look no further. I’ve created this list for you of a bunch of Portland tech events for your convenience. Hopefully it is a useful resource.”

Yes, your organization does need a blog.

John Metta writes “Get a blog, people. Really. More and more of your customers are expecting it. They want updates on your humanity to hit their RSS feeds. They want to know that there’s a person there.”

Quiz: Are You the Entrepreneurial “Type”?

Via Get Rich Slowly “So here’s a reliable true/false quiz to test whether you match the typical profile of an entrepreneur. I adapted these questions from a comprehensive new study of entrepreneurship completed earlier this year by Professor Scott A. Shane (on which more later). In this quiz, the word ‘entrepreneur’ is defined as someone starting a new business of any kind, and includes the solo self-employed.”

Microsoft Half-Asses Their OpenID “Support”

Aaron Hockley writes “Lots of folks are excited today because Microsoft has announced that Windows Live IDs can now be used as an OpenID. I’m less than thrilled.”

Relax with CouchDB

Chris Anderson writes “We’ll be soliciting reader feedback as we develop the book and API documentation. The content is freely licensed, so we’ll make it available as we write. Expect to see a few chapters and a some API docs up by the end of the year.”

Viewing Habits Online Changing (or, I think it’s time to cancel my cable)

Tom Turnbull writes “In other words, the audience for full length video content online has doubled and is north of 50 million people. That’s far from a niche.”

Dia de los Muertos Breakfast Tweetup at Kenny & Zukes (Thursday October 30, 2008) – Upcoming

The spookiest breakfast of the year takes place at Kenny & Zukes this Thursday. Join Portland Twitter friends for amazing latkes and awesome chats. This is a buy-your-own affair that often spills over into coworking time afterward

Interview with Linus Torvalds of The Linux Foundation | Linux Foundation Events

Mike Rogoway writes “It was invite only, so if you — like me — couldn’t wrangle an invitation, here’s an interview that Portland’s own Linus Torvalds gave at the summit.”

Seeking Gardeners

Via the Calagator blog “We often talk about Calagator as a wiki-like collaborative calendar, so we borrowed an idea from the wiki world, and added event and venue versioning. This way, if someone (human or bot) decides the SAO Poker Night really needs a bunch of links to [insert generic spam topic here], anyone can roll back the entry to the previous version, cleaning it up.”

Building a new Portland ; October 29th Event

Via the WhereCamp PDX blog “There’s a sense of disconnection, on the one hand, from the realm of finance and the direction of the economy. This is linked to confusion, anxiety, and fear that people won’t have basic needs met. And there’s a strong desire, excitement, for there to be major changes in which we all have a role in supporting each other to meet collective goals.”

Portland Start-up Index for October 2008: Must be autumn because everyone’s falling

Techvibes has added some new features to their startup indices in time for the release of the Portland Start-up Index for October 2008.

So who are the movers and shakers this month?

Iterasi is the big climber, moving up 12 slots to crack the top 20. Earth Class Mail and Free Range were the only others to make positive progress, moving up one slot a piece.

But boy-oh-boy are there some people dropping down the list., Pibb, and Rocketbook all slid 13 spots each to lead the pack. And a ton of other folks fell close to 10 spots. It was veritable race to the bottom of the list.

So, here’s how the rankings stand this month:

  1. AboutUs
  2. MetaFilter
  3. Kongregate
  4. Discogs
  5. Digital Trends
  6. COLOURlovers
  7. Frappr!
  8. Jive Software
  9. SplashCast Media
  10. myOpenID
  12. Earth Class Mail
  13. Pheedo
  14. Sandy
  15. Gone Raw
  16. Vidoop
  17. eROI
  18. Clicky
  19. Iterasi
  20. Zapproved
  21. Stikkit
  22. Active Reload
  23. Neighborhood Notes
  24. Walker Tracker
  25. Attensa
  26. GadgetTrak
  27. Avatron Software
  28. iovation
  30. NetWorthIQ
  31. FreeRange
  32. KnitMap
  33. ChoiceA
  35. Art Face Off
  37. fmyi
  38. WeoGeo
  39. Pibb
  40. LUNARR
  41. MomHub
  42. GoLife Mobile
  43. Imindi
  44. GreenRenter
  45. Kryptiq
  46. Picktastic
  47. Jama Software
  48. Rocketbook
  49. Lightfleet
  50. Goboz
  51. Cendix
  52. Avnera
  53. Kumquat
  54. Techchex
  55. Vocal Nation
  56. Box Populi
  57. GoSeeTell
  58. YourList
  59. Collaborative Software Initiative
  60. IDP Solutions

As always, to see the details on who moved where and what the actual metrics are, visit the Techvibes Portland Start-up Index.

The OTBC Brings Lunch 2.0 to the ‘burbs

It’s official. Portland Lunch 2.0 is crossing over into the suburbs, Beaverton to be precise.

As Rick blogged back in August, the Open Technology Business Center, or fondly, the OTBC, had been searching for a new home. The search has ended, and on November 1, the OTBC will move into their new digs in the Beaverton Round.

But wait, there’s more. The OTBC will also be partnering with the Beaverton Round Executive Suites to provide office space for startups on the third floor of the Coldwell Banker building, just two quick flights of stairs to and from the OTBC business offices on the first floor. There’s an elevator too, but since the OTBC provides services to CleanTech (as well as Tech, BioTech and OpenTech), I figured I should mention the stairs first.

What does all this have to do with Lunch 2.0? Glad you asked. On January 14, 2009, the OTBC will be opening its doors to host the first Portland Lunch 2.0 chapter in the suburbs.

Here are the details:

Hosts: OTBC

Where: 12725 SW Millikan Way Beaverton, Oregon 97005, first floor of the South Office building

When: January 14, 2009 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

RSVP on Upcoming

Did I mention the Round is on the MAX Blue Line, specifically the Beaverton Central stop? Steve Morris of the OTBC says their office is 90 feet from the station. So, if you’re in Portland, it’s only about 20 minutes from downtown. Not too shabby. You won’t have to worry about parking, you’ll get to meet some new people in the ‘burbs, possibly some people you know from Twitter.

Maybe even the elusive Josh Bancroft will make an appearance, since we’re bringing Lunch 2.0 into his neck of the woods.

I asked around at the SplashCast Lunch 2.0, and everyone seemed very positive about cross-pollinating with the suburban tech/Twitter crowd.

So, come out to Beaverton and meet some new folks, and check out the OTBC. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they help Tech, Biotech, Cleantech and Opentech startups with a variety of valuable services. Here’s their about. Interested? Drop a comment or swing by Lunch 2.0 on January 14 and find out more.

Don’t forget these upcoming Portland Lunches 2.0:

  • October 15 at the Art Institute of Portland: This space is huge, plenty of room for everyone, so bring friends and colleagues.
  • November 5 at the Eclipse Foundation
  • January 14 at OTBC in the Beaverton Round

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OEN honors achievement in entrepreneurship – Silicon Forest – The Oregonian –

No Web startups won this year, but AboutUs was in the running for a couple.

“There is no viral marketing”

Tom Turnbull writes “Brian Solis recently spoke at the Web 2.0 conference in New York. He provocatively stated that “There is no viral marketing.” Marketing in the age of social media, rather, is an ongoing, and necessarily authentic, effort. It requires more than putzing around on Twitter, slapping up a Facebook fan page or pumping out some goofy widget.”

Please excuse our dust

Cory Huff writes “This Blogger to WordPress migration was supposed to go very smoothly. WP even has a button built in to do it, but for some reason it didn’t work. I’m re-posting each article by hand as we speak, so it looks like there’s going to be a day or two of down time for the site. I’ve had some really great experts look at this thing, but it looks like there’s nothing to be done but do it all by hand. So much for ease of use, eh?” (Sounds like somebody has a good unconference topic for WordCamp Portland.)

Color-Based Social Networking – Celebrates All Shades

Via Trendhunter “This is a brilliant user-generated site where you monitor and influence color trends online. In brief, Colour Lovers is a social network built around color palettes.” (Hat tip Todd Kenefsky)

Hazelnut Tech Talk Special | An Interview with Virtual Architect Eric Rice | Hazelnut Tech Talk

Cyborg Anthropologist Amber Case Interviews Virtual Architect Eric Rice at Gnomedex 2008. “After an amazing post-conference dinner with a bunch of exellent people, Dave Olson was kind enough to lend his excellent podcasting equiptment. I was able to capture a minute percentage of the Sweetopian existence of Eric Rice. Rice is incredible. I wish I had better adjectives in which to describe him, but I’ll let him do the talking.”

Portland Infects Seattle With Hoppy Goodness « The Pursuit of a Life

Justin Kistner’s brainchild, Beer and Blog, makes the leap to our sister city to the north, Seattle. Thanks to TeachStreet (and something tells me Brian Westbrook). “He says it was inspired by Beer and Blog, a Portland gathering which I’ve seen Rick Turoczy tweet about time and again – proof that in some essential alcohol- and startup-related respects, Portland is further advanced than Seattle!”