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Meet the Startup: “This is your captain speaking…” about Urban Airship

As Portland revels in the makings of a tech startup renaissance, one of the companies leading the charge has been Urban Airship. Over two and half years, UA has grown from “four guys around a desk” to nearly 100 employees with offices in Portland and San Francisco.

To share part of that story, Meet the Startup caught up with the captain of the airship, Scott Kveton. Read More

Forrester pushes push notifications as Urban Airship pushes their 10 billionth notification

Validation. It’s something for which every company strives. From a customer. From an investor. From the media. But one of the most important indicators in the business world? It’s validation from industry analysts.

And that’s why Forrester recommending push notifications—the same way they’ve recommended email, SMS, and the like—is a huge step forward for the mobile industry. And it’s a step taken in conjunction with Urban Airship sending its 10 billionth push. And on January 10th at that. Read More

Urban Airship snags Second Porch cofounder to captain marketing

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. When startups are hiring marketing folks, that’s usually a good sign. Not just contracting, but actually bringing those folks on board.

And it’s starting to happen. ShopIgniter recently brought on Kevin Tate to head up its marketing group. And now, Urban Airship has announced that Brent Hieggelke has joined as chief marketing officer. Read More

And for our next trick… Urban Airship secures $15.1 million, led by Salesforce and Verizon

A lot can happen in two years. And for Urban Airship, it’s been quite a ride. The company—which started with two of its cofounders taking advantage of a little known unemployment benefit that helps folks work on startups—has now grown to more than 50 people with the SimpleGeo acquistion. And now, they’ve got more than $20 million in funding.

What’s that? You didn’t hear about the most recent funding? Well, read away. Urban Airship secured $15.1 million in Series C, led by and Verizon. Read More

Portland startups Urban Airship, ShopIgniter, and AppFog are hiring marketing talent—and that’s a good sign

When it comes to tech startups, there are certain things that are must haves: awesome engineering, an exec who can lead and sell, and some way of getting the word out about the product.

The third one—getting the word out—remains something for which most startups contract or hire lower level generalists. So when they start hiring higher level talent to bring those skills in house? That’s a really good sign. And that’s exactly what’s starting to happen here in Portland. Read More

Urban Airship acquires SimpleGeo combining push notifications and geolocation on a nonstop flight

It’s not often that Portland companies are part of wildly swirling rumory breaking tech news—especially in a positive way. But today, Urban Airship has done just that.

UA has acquired SimpleGeo, a company with a great deal of positive buzz and executives who are well-known in tech and startup circles. It’s a move that definitively puts Portland on the startup map. Pun intended. Read More

Urban Airship appoints CFO as it crosses the 5 billion push notification mark

While funding starting to flow is a good sign of startup activity in the Portland area, so is the traction some of these companies are beginning to show with their customer bases.

Take for example Urban Airship, which today announced it has served more than five billion push notifications. A staggering number, especially considering they hit 1 billion less than a year ago. Read More