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Those sick stuffed animals aren't going to heal themselves: Pretendasaurus launches Dr. PetPlay

Have you ever watched a child interact with an iPad? It’s actually kind of amazing how ridiculously quickly they pick up the concepts and techniques. And given the world we live in, that’s a skill they’re going to need. More often than not, however, the content delivered on those devices is for anyone but children. But now, the stuffed animal doctor is in. Read More

Having a hard time finding someone to develop that mobile app? Look in the mirror

It’s a common issue. You’ve got an amazing idea for a mobile app. And you’re convinced that there’s a market for it. But you’ve had absolutely no luck finding a developer who can help you build it. Well, get ready to be happy. Because I just found that developer for you. It’s you. Read More

Mobile app development in Oregon accounts for half a billion dollars in economic impact

Oregon was recently named as one of the top states for mobile app development. And if you’ve been paying any attention, whatsoever, to our startup scene? That probably comes as little surprise. But what might be surprising is how much of an economic impact those mobile apps are driving: It’s a hair more than $500 million in total. Read More

Columbia Sportswear app: It’s like Path for offroad journeys

If you build outdoor gear for exploring the wilderness, you kind of want your customers out exploring that wilderness. Not simply tromping around the urban jungle.

And that’s why Columbia Sportswear has built a mobile app. To get you off the beaten path. Read More

Instagram filters not cutting it anymore? Maybe it’s time to bring the bling with PhotoBlast

So you’ve tried Hipstamatic. You’ve uploaded a ton to Instagram. But really? You still feel empty. Unfulfilled. Like there’s something missing from your overly filtered photo repertoire.

Well get ready to be happy. Because all that bling you wanted to add to your photo? It’s now available. All it takes is a new app from Portland’s ISITE Design. Get ready for PhotoBlast. Read More

PDX Pipeline app: A handful of entertainment… err a pocketful of fun… um well it’s an app packed with tons of local events

One of the best blogs in town for entertainment and events is, without a doubt, PDX Pipeline. I’ve no idea how they do it, but they know every single thing going on in town. Every single weekend. They’re like party savants.

But sometimes, a web site is simply too inaccessible. That’s why PDX Pipeline is now sharing all of their event and entertainment insights with a new mobile app. Read More

With your iPhone and Meridian, getting lost in Powell’s Books may be a thing of the past

Ever gotten turned around in the mall? Maybe. Sort of lost in an airport? Okay. But getting all confused by the winding tunnels of Powell’s City of Books? Absolutely.

Well, now thanks to Meridian—a new iPhone app from Portland-based Spotlight Mobile—you can find your way around Powell’s like a pro. Read More

What if you could see through your iPhone like a heads-up display? With MegaReader you can

If you’ve spent any time walking and reading on your iPhone, you’ve got the bruises to show for it. It’s inevitable that—with your gaze focused on your device—you’ve run into a few friends, cars, and posts.

If only there were some way to see where you were going. Like if there were a camera that… hey wait a second. There is a camera. And Portland-based MegaReader came up with a really interesting way to use it. Providing a heads-up display for seeing right through what you’re reading. Read More

Want to stay informed about your flight in midair without wifi? Your iPhone is your WindowSeat

Get ready to take your WindowSeat. An interesting new iPhone app from Portland-based AppOven designed to keep you informed about your flight and what you’re passing over—whether you have an Internet connection or not.

Every once in a while, an app comes across my desk that I have to wait a while to try. Because it requires me to be somewhere in particular to really get a feel for what it does. This latest one, required me to be about 35,000 ft up in the air.

Get ready to take your WindowSeat. An interesting new iPhone app from Portland-based AppOven designed to keep you informed about your flight and what you’re passing over—whether you have an Internet connection or not. Read More

My Very First App: Night & Day Studios brings the art of Eric Carle to the iPhone

Got kids? Know kids? Were you a kid at some point? Then you’ve probably encountered the work of Eric Carle. The Very Hungry Caterpillar ringing any bells?

Now, Portland-based Night & Day Studios—yep, the same folks who brought you Peekaboo Barn—have brought the work of Eric Carle to the iPhone with My Very First App. Read More

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