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REMINDER: New Relic FutureTalk with Hideshi Hamaguchi, tonight

Back in the early days of Silicon Florist, one of the first startups I began covering regularly was a Portland startup called LUNARR. And while that venture didn’t achieve the stratospheric heights we all hoped it would, it did bring an incredibly thoughtful and interesting cofounder to the fore in Hideshi Hamaguchi. Now, fast forward nearly a decade and Hideshi is speaking at New Relic’s FutureTalk, this evening. Read More

LUNARR in retrograde: After several beta products, startup decides to close up shop

I always hate to report on this stuff, but sometimes you just have to. Portland-based LUNARR, one of the first companies to come out of stealth mode after I started Silicon Florist, has decided to close its doors.

Last Thursday, users of LUNARR’s Elements and Themes products received the following notice: Read More