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Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day with Geoloqi's views on the Portland startup scene

I love it when serendipity occurs. Yesterday, we heard the news that Geoloqi—the Portland startup that’s making it easier for developers to add geolocation services to their applications—has been acquired. And today is Ada Lovelace Day. Read More

Bigger isn't always better: Tiny Startup Camp, November 10-11

In the world of tech startups, there’s always been a push to grow bigger, faster, stronger. To take that entrepreneurial dream of the few and turn it into the wealth of the many. And there are any number of resources that have popped up to help those startups achieve those goals. Read More

It's like an olive branch of awesomeness: Startup Weekend Eugene offers Portlanders a steep discount

Sure. I get it. Traveling to Eugene can be a bit of haul. But many of you seem to find excuses to make the trip fairly regularly on Saturdays in the fall. So now here’s another reason to head south this autumn: Startup Weekend Eugene, this weekend. Read More

Put your Portland startup on the map: Sign up to be part of the PDX Startup Crawl, September 6

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: this September in Portland is going to be insanely awesome. There are any number of interesting events happening in town during the month. And now, you’ve got the chance to take part. Read More

Startup Curious? Join our friends at GeekWire for Seattle 2.0 Startup Day, September 22

Someone way smarter than me once said, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Well, if you’re thinking about doing a startup but haven’t quite managed to step off that cliff, then your first step might want to be pointed in the direction of Startup Day. Read More

Portland mayoral candidates debate the Portland startup scene. Sort of.

Elemental Technologies recently hosted a debate between the two Portland mayoral candidates, Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith. Supposedly to be focused on the startup and tech scene. Read More

From the mouths of startup founders: Geoff Lewis of Founders Fund and Scott Kveton of Urban Airship share their knowledge

On any given day, you can peruse Hacker News and find tons of posts from startup founders. But it’s rare to get the chance to sit down with those founders and ask them questions, face to face. This Monday, however, you’ll get that chance. In fact, you’ll get two founders: Geoff Lewis of Founders Fund and Scott Kveton of Urban Airship. Read More

What’s it like to go through a Startup Weekend? Meet the Startup documents Portland Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is changing the way many people enter the world of entrepreneurship. But what does it entail? Well, Portland Startup Weekend was kind enough to let Meet the Startup tag along for a weekend, to document the journey. Read More

Digging into diversity: Willamette Week takes a look at the number of women in the tech startup scene

I’ve been lucky enough to get the chance to work with some amazing developers, CEOs, investors, and leaders in the Portland tech community. And, in my experience, some of the strongest voices have been women. But my experience belies the ratios that drive the businesses of our community.

So just how many women are there in the Portland tech startup scene? For such a loaded question, Ruth Brown at Willamette Week has managed to take an objective look at the diversity in the Portland startup scene. Read More

Bend startup accelerator VentureBox graduates first class

One of the first accelerators to join the statewide bootcamp program was a new accelerator out of Bend called VentureBox.

Well, three months tends to fly by. And now, VentureBox has graduated its first class. Read More

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