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Startup and tech jobs in Portland, Oregon, or it’s Friday and I’m running out of creative headlines

So, you’re looking for a gig are you? Maybe a job with one of them there startup thingamajiggers? Well you’re a bright kid. I can see that going well for you. What’s that? You don’t know where to start?

Oh. Well let me see if I can help. There are a ton of awesome Portland startups hiring right now. So why not take the opportunity to thumb through the Silicon Florist job and gig board to see if one strikes your fancy? Read More

Building your startup using Amazon Web Services? Would $100,000 in prizes help?

For startups, finding the most cost-effective means of building and distributing your product can be the difference between life and death. That’s why using the Web has been such a benefit to small startups. As have Web services—like Amazon Web Services (AWS)—that allow those startups to get big time functionality for a fraction of the cost of maintaining their own infrastructure.

But no matter how efficient the startup, a little extra cash can always help. So if you’ve built something interesting on AWS, consider throwing your hat in the ring to win the Amazon Web Services Start-up Challenge. Read More

How to build a successful startup in 21 days (Hint: Add bacon)

But the guidance on how to build a startup in 21 days has been all laid out for you in a new book from the founders of Bac’n: From Idea to Web Startup in 21 Days: Creating bacn.com.

[HTML4]Remember that whole Bac’n thing? That Portland startup that sold bacon on the Internet? Did you know that the entire project—concept to launch—only took 21 days? What the…? How the heck do you build a successful startup in three weeks? Furthermore, is this entire post going to be written in the form of questions?

Well, I can’t answer that last question. But the guidance on how to build a startup in 21 days has been all laid out for you in a new book from the founders of Bac’n: From Idea to Web Startup in 21 Days: Creating bacn.com. Read More

Startup School: Zuckerberg on startups, the “Instant startup mix” that is Silicon Valley, and just liking to build things

If you were under a rock this weekend or—heaven forbid—actually spent some time unplugged, you may have missed the Startup School interview with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Yeah, that guy. The one in the movie.

Like Facebook or not, like Zuckerberg or not, this interview provides an interesting glimpse into Facebook’s somewhat frenetic beginnings, why the Silicon Valley is so good at germinating startups, and the motivation entrepreneurs feel. Read More

Mentors, user groups, and seed funding: Portland Development Commission finishes up the startup and tech community conversation

For all the awesomeness that is the Portland startup and tech scene, there are still a few things that could use a little work. Things like finding mentors to help startups and founders find success. Establishing funding—like the Portland Seed Fund—to help sustain the efforts of entrepreneurs. And providing space for ad hoc and organized groups and events to gather.

Well, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) wants to help solve those problems. All of them. Because it’s really only a combination of all of them that will help us build a sustainable startup environment around here. But to do that, the PDC needs your feedback, please. Read More

Advice on starting a startup: Seattle StartupDay 2010 helps pre-entrepreneurs step up or step out

[Editor’s note: Guest author David Abramowski joins us from Seattle with his recap of StartupDay 2010. You may remember David from his days in Portland as the CEO of MioWorks. Most likely from his popular post on the reasons he had to shutter the project. For more, follow him on his blog, Inner Lining. Now, let’s get to his recap…]

The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. It can keep you from taking a first step in any direction. It can stop progress dead in its tracks and give you all the excuses in the world as to why not take the plunge. This fear grips many who have thought about being an entrepreneur throwing them into the analysis paralysis loop until the opportunity has passed them by and they can comfortably say “if only I…” Read More

Not sure where to start? StartupDay 2010 (and this discount) can help you start your startup

After a very successful initial event last year, the folks at Seattle 2.0 have organized another StartupDay. Filled with a—well, a day—of interesting talks from a wide variety of successful tech entrepreneurs.

And since bootstrapping your venture is all about making ends meet, we can probably save you a few pennies, as well. You see, if you’re willing to make the jaunt up to Seattle, you can also cash in on a discounted conference rate. But you have to act fast. Read More

Portland open source, startups, and mobile… oh my! The all time top 30 posts on Silicon Florist (so far)

So Silicon Florist turned three years old. And in those three years, it has featured more than 1500 posts. But what have you, gentle reader, found most appealing in those three years?

Don’t remember? Well, luckily, through the magic of analytics, we can tell. After taking a gander at the stats throughout Silicon Florist’s existence—both Web traffic and RSS traffic—30 stories bubbled to the top. What were they? Let’s take a look. Read More

memePDX 037: Live from Open Source Bridge

This week, Jason and Cami Kaos discuss The Miracle in July and Kickstarter, Open Source Bridge Startup Crawl, CivicApps hacking at Open Source Bridge, Be the Mayor and When will I be the Mayor?, burbn, and AT&T changing their data plans.

It’s Thursday. And that means it’s time for another memePDX.

This time, it’s a very special episode. Why? Well first, it was recorded live at Open Source Bridge, the entirely volunteer run conference for open source citizens. And second, it features everyone’s favorite guest host Jason Glaspey. Read More

Seven potential dream jobs await you on the Silicon Florist job and gig board

Time to highlight all of the premium jobs on the Silicon Florist job and gig board. Because if you’re looking for work—or talent—in the Portland startup scene

Well, it’s Friday. Time to highlight all of the premium jobs on the Silicon Florist job and gig board. Because if you’re looking for work—or talent—in the Portland startup scene, it’s an awfully good place to start.

What’s that? You’ve been meaning to post but just haven’t gotten around to it? No worries. See if this motivates you: just use the promo “sfnew” (without the quotes) and you’ll get 20% off any listing. So get to posting a job or a gig or whatever. If you’re looking for work? Well, you can always post for free. Read More