March 9th, 2009

SXSW 2009: 60+ Twitter accounts for Portland and Silicon Forest Twitter types

SXSW Twitter accountsThere are a number of folks from Portland and the Silicon Forest headed down to Austin, Texas, this week for SXSW. And while I’ve heard about a number of those folks anecdotally, I thought it might be helpful for all of us if we compiled a definitive list of Twitter accounts, so you can keep tabs on who’s doing what.

(Of course, to keep tabs on who’s doing what where you’ll want to sign up for Shizzow, too.)

So here’s who I have so far. Please comment if I missed you, if I missed someone you know is going, if you just signed up for a Twitter account, or if I added you thinking you were going but you’re not. I’ll make sure to update the post as comments dictate.

The current list of Twitter accounts for Portland or Silicon Forest attendees at SXSW includes:

Tentative: Nate DiNiro, Alex H Williams (see comment below)

BONUS: SXSW, SXSW Guide, SXSW is easy, and Sched.

Again, if you need to be added or removed, please comment below.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you down at SXSW.

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22 Responses to “SXSW 2009: 60+ Twitter accounts for Portland and Silicon Forest Twitter types”

  1. mason says:

    I’ll see everyone there. @masonwest

  2. Alright, who’s going to make a feed for all of these people’s twitter accounts? and would we want it as an RSS, or a twitter group opml? or can we turn these people into pdxsxsw twitter account?

  3. Diana says:

    Boy are there a lot of PDX people heading to Austin. Wonder if I’ll bump into any of them at the airport. @drpotter

  4. Lev Tsypin says:

    We could just all agree to tag our tweets #sxswpdx or some such thing.

  5. I’ll be there! @cvelis

  6. Carolina says:

    anything besides tagging would be helpful…trying to save characters, and I don’t always remember to tag


  7. kk+ says:

    PDX has a posse. :)
    Vancity too. I should make a list like this of us!

  8. I’ll be there as a SXSW-1st-timer. See you! @hideshione

  9. Zac says:

    RSS feed of all twitter users in the post above. Except Steve Kveton, whose link directs to the twitter homepage.

  10. There are a couple more of us from White Horse – Robin Stevens – @brontestreet and Ami Martin – @amispeak. Also Jala Smith-Huys @embarkcreative.

  11. Nate DiNiro says:

    I’ll be there with Alex H @podcasthotel Williams if I can convince the ECM Execs before tomorrow afternoon that it would be worthwhile to attend! Feel free to Tweet your opinion @earthclassmail, every bit helps ;)


  12. morganpdx says:

    We seriously need to have a pdx-twitter-tech-people-who-couldn’t-go-to-sxsw tweetup. Commiserate. Cry in our beers.

  13. AdamD says:

    This post does not help me feel any better about not going this year. Enjoy, everyone (especially all those first timers)!

  14. Another first-timer SXSW bound! @aplyley

  15. I’ll be tweeting for @substance in addition to my own (@stlandau). Sorry for the duplicate tweets if you follow both!

    See y’all in Austin in a few days.

  16. Jacob Reiff says:

    Unfortunately Brittany (@redhooded) and I (@jaacob) had to bail on SXSW this year, but we’ll be following everybody’s tweets!

  17. Jen Scott says:

    first timer!!

  18. Emee says:

    Have a margarita at Guero’s for me!


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