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Tech helps tell the Vanport story through the voices of those who lived there

If you live in the Portland area and don’t know about Vanport, you should. Once the second largest — and most diverse — city in Oregon and the nation’s largest wartime housing development, Vanport only existed about six years, less than 100 years ago. It was destroyed by a flood and never rebuilt. Now, a little bit of tech is being used to tell the stories of that community through the voices of the people who lived there.

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Reimagine Portland: Another dose of much needed optimism for the Rose City

I know I’ve mentioned the “pervading pessimism” that’s been palpable in Portland as of late. But I don’t know that I’ve done a good job of highlighting projects and programs that are injecting some good old fashioned Portland optimism into the mix. You know, the “Portland is big enough to be statistically relevant, but small enough that one person can make a difference” sort of vibe. And a recent piece by Portland Monthly on Reimagine Portland does just that.

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Karmen Olson launches Food & Beverage strategy firm XOKO

If you’ve talked to me recently, you know that I’m pretty bullish on the consumer products startup community here in Oregon. Blame Mitch Daugherty. So I’ve been paying more attention to what’s going on in that space, as of late. Especially when I’m wearing my Built Oregon cofounder hat. So I thought I’d share that new Built board member, Karmen Olson, is launching a consultancy to help food & beverage startups and established brands alike. Meet XOKO.

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Want to meet other local podcasters? Portland Podcasters Meetup could be a good place to do that

Sometimes, you get to doing something. As a hobby. Or even as a professional pursuit. And it starts to get pretty lonely. And disconnected. So it’s nice to get together with other folks who share that passion. So that you can compare notes and stuff. And if you’re a podcaster in Portland, that opportunity is coming next week with the Portland Podcasters Meetup.

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