July 7th, 2009

Nedspace II: Former Vidoop space in Old Town keeps its startup flare

Nedspace II: Former Vidoop space in Old Town keeps its startup flare

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of NedSpace, the coworking space on SW 3rd that’s full of some of the most business-minded tech entrepreneurs in town. I also like the fact that it’s run by a couple of already successful entrepreneurs as a way to give back to the community. And as if that’s not enough, NedSpace serves as the home of the Portland Ten, the startup bootcamp designed to whip would-be entrepreneurs into shape.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s a fan. The NedSpace concept is popular. So popular, in fact, that they’ve run out of room.

What to do? What to do? Find more space, of course.

“There are 40 companies and 55 people in Nedspace,” said Josh Friedman of Nedspace. “We’d been thinking about another Nedspace location. And we believe that there would be a great deal of value in having more than one location in the city.”

So that’s exactly what they started pursuing. And now Nedspace has found a second location to call home. Same type of startup environment. Same affordable rent. Same invaluable mentoring to startups in the Portland area. And, as luck would have it, same brick wall.

So where did they decide to open up their second location?

Well, the NedSpace folks are teaming up with eROI—not only a successful Portland startup but also an Old Town landlord—to turn the former Vidoop space above Backspace into another NedSpace workspace.

I don’t know if it has a name yet, but I’m calling it Nedspace II. Why? Because I’m creative like that. Or maybe it’s Nedspace Old Town to contrast it with Nedspace Downtown? Who knows? [UPDATE] Well, now we do know. Josh has confirmed that the location will in fact be referred to as Nedspace Old Town.

What I do know is this: While we’re all still pretty down about the rapid demise of Vidoop and the resulting blow to the ego of the Portland startup community, this seems like a really good way to make something positive out of that negative. The affordable Old Town spaces—especially with the new mass transit options—are perfect for startup types. And it’s great to see folks continuing to take advantage of it.

For more information on the new space, stay tuned to Nedspace community or follow Josh Friedman and Mark Grimes on Twitter.

(Image courtesy Scott Kveton. Used under Creative Commons.)

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9 Responses to “Nedspace II: Former Vidoop space in Old Town keeps its startup flare”

  1. Awesome! Maybe I could even get my old desk back :)

  2. Sasha Mace says:

    As the Chair of the Old Town/Chinatown Neighborhood Association, I’m thrilled at this expansion. As they say, I’m not just a fan, I’m a client. My company PheedYou, Inc. has been in NedSpace Downtown since it opened and I can’t say enough about how great it is.

    Old Town is an important part of the city, and my home. I’m looking forward to the continued presence and influence of the Startup community in this district, and will be frequenting both NedSpace locations. Come look us up!


    Alexander Mace
    Co-Founder & CEO – PheedYou, Inc.
    Chair, OTCTNA

  3. Thanks for the love Rick! I’m very psyched about NedSpace Old Town opening up this week – seems like there is already quite a bit of traction and additional interest – Josh can give more an update, but good things are happening.

    Ryan Buchanan

  4. Eli Alford-Jones says:

    Our company has offices at NedSpace Downtown and it has been a really valuable community for us as a young company. Should be very interesting to see the network effects and cross-pollination that take place as the new space fills up with more startups and entrepreneurs. I know this is a big part of what Josh and Mark envision for NedSpace as it continues to grow into new neighborhoods and markets.

    So it’s great to see this getting press! For the record, NedSpace has a completely open door policy – so if anyone ever wants to come by to check out the vibe you should feel free. There are always lots of us here working and happy to give a tour.



  5. As one of the newest members of Nedspace Dntn I’m thrilled with the expansion… I’ve known Mark for a bit now, and his ideas and enthusiasm spread like…well…wildfire. In the wake of that, his collaboration with Josh and it’s rapid expansion are no surprise to me…I’ll just keep hanging on for the ride! ;-)

    To entrepreneurs and the havoc and joy we bring!

  6. Ken Westin says:

    NedSpace must be stopped. If they continue to expand, more people will begin to think they can start their own businesses and cubicle farms in Portland will be depleted by a mass exodus of entrepreneurs seeking to turn their ideas into actual businesses, organizations and movements. Does Portland really need more free thinkers?

    My company was assimilated into the NedSpace collective a few months ago, so can provide you with a view into the internal workings of this insurgency. I used to work at home building my business, but was dragged into Nedspace and forced to communicate with others, share ideas and even collaborate.

    Yes I am joking. NedSpace is a great place if you are starting a business, it is not just an office space, but also a community of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. I have learned a great deal from my co-tentants, many of whom are seasoned serial entrepreneurs. Many of the start-ups in Nedspace are very successful, generating revenue, or on their way to it and the community environment I believe plays a key factor in this. Plus everyone here is like Mr. Turoczy, so damn positive and optimistic that you can’t help but be inspired, bad economy or not full speed ahead.

    Plus there is always a PBR in the fridge and we all share a puppy ( I think it is in the lease).

  7. Jeff says:

    Now if only we could find an organization to donate (or rent for real cheap) their space to community events like unconferences, etc. Hmmmm……

  8. Isaac says:

    Looks a lot like the Souk space on 6th & Flanders. I guess this means neighborhood competition in the OTCT district. However, Nedspace does appear to have figured out the recipe for successful co-working space.

  9. çiçekçi says:

    I used to work at home building my business, but was dragged into Nedspace and forced to communicate with others, share ideas and even collaborate.

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