July 9th, 2009

Wish more Oregon venture capital firms blogged? OVP grants your wish

Wish more Oregon venture capital firms blogged? OVP grants your wish

One of the primary gaps in the Portland startup scene is the gap between those attempting to build businesses and those attempting to fund businesses, the entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists. There are any number of issues contributing to this gap from pure ignorance to cultural mores.

But the key to closing that gap? That’s right. Communication. And a new bastion of communication from the VC side of the fence just launched here in Portland. Introducing the OVP blog.

As Mike Rogoway at The Oregonian highlights, Gerry Langeler, a Managing Director at OVP, will be the driving force behind the blog:

OVP will invite its whole team to chime in, but thus far Portland director Gerry Langeler is handling most of the writing duties.

Rick LeFaivre and Carl Weissman have already chimed in, as well.

Not familiar with OVP? OVP formed its first fund in 1983. Since then it has invested in companies like Collaborative Software Initiative, NOW Software, and Webridge. They’re currently composed of seven partners who manage more than $750 million and involved in the Oregon Investment Fund. As far as geek cred goes, owning a three-letter domain name is nothing to shake a stick at.

Now, I’m a huge fan of VC blogs. I’m always reading posts from people like Fred Wilson and Brad Feld. Because their insights provide a completely different perspective on the startup scene. I’m expecting to see the same kinds of insights from OVP. They’re already off to a great start by trying to give a behind-the-scenes look into the decisions that VCs make.

Even though Gerry has been kind enough to swing by here and comment from time to time, it’s going to be nice for him to have his own soapbox. I’m glad to have OVP joining the blogging fray.

Who knows? Maybe we can even convince Gerry to swing by Beer and Blog one of these days?

For more, visit the OVP blog, subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow OVP on Twitter.

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