October 15th, 2009

Open Source Bridge begins planning for 2010 event

Open Source Bridge begins planning for 2010 event

In Portland, we love the open source. Love it. So much so, in fact, that we’ll do just about anything to have an open source conference around here. Even if it means building one from scratch.

Which is exactly what happened last year when a bunch of folks got together with the hopes of starting a brand new open source conference. The result? Open Source Bridge, the conference for open source citizens.

Turns out, they did such a good job on the inaugural event, people are expecting them to do it again. That means it’s time to get Open Source Bridge 2010 planning underway.

Last year’s organizing team was very structured. I like to think that we managed things well, and our attendees were pleased with the results.

But, this time – we’re changing how we manage things.

We’re letting everyone in on our planning process! So, if you enjoyed Open Source Bridge last year, and want to see it be a success this year, join our mailing list now, and see if you can lend us a hand.

Having had the pleasure of being part of this planning group last year, I can tell you that these folks are capable of amazing things. And this year—now that the “first time conference” hurdle is gone—I expect it to be even more amazing.

While there aren’t a lot of details that are firm yet—beyond “it’s definitely happening”—it’s never too early to start helping.

No matter if you’re from Portland, across the country, or around the world, you’re more than welcome to join the planning process. So if you love Portland, love open source, and feel like jumping in and lending a hand, get on the Open Source Bridge mailing list, introduce yourself, and get to helping.

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