March 12th, 2010

memePDX 028: Special Portland at SXSW episode

memePDX 028: Special Portland at SXSW episode

Hey it’s Thursday! Oh wait. It’s not Thursday. It’s Friday. Yes, there was a technical glitch while a big chunk of the memePDX team was traveling down to SXSW. So if you grabbed it from iTunes, it was likely broken.

Well Morgan, the one part of the team who remained in Portland, managed to pull a rescue mission and get the file uploaded again. So here, without further delay, is the special SXSW edition of memePDX.

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(NOTE: For those audiophiles, we’re working on it. Stay tuned.)

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One Response to “memePDX 028: Special Portland at SXSW episode”

  1. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I really thought I had something to offer that Rich didn’t. But, I guess in the end, Cami just couldn’t stand to invoke change. Best of luck guys, and perhaps my next test show will fair better than being demoted to the bumper and post-reels.

    I really felt magic…

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