March 30th, 2010

You can’t play Foursquare without a Kickball (well, you can but it’s not the same)

You can’t play Foursquare without a Kickball (well, you can but it’s not the same)

Now you all know that Portland has been enamored of the geolocation and geogeeking stuff for quite a while. We’re kind of like that. But now, we’re starting to see the idea of location-based services and games really take off all over the place. And if there’s one service that is the current darling of that space, it’s Foursquare.

But can the Foursquare experience be improved? Portland-based Gorlochs thinks so. And that’s why they’ve taken the Foursquare API and worked to your iPhone Foursquare experience even better—much like Tweetie and TweetDeck did for Twitter. Introducing Kickball, an iPhone client for Foursquare.

Users can now find their friends and places using maps or in a traditional list view. Kickball also features the ability to upload photos to individual venues. The entire app is custom designed and custom built using the iPhone SDK, the FourSquare API, and GeoAPI. Kickball allows users to tap into FourSquare’s key features: friends, badges, mayorships, et al. in a streamlined and simple way. It’s a beautiful new way to experience everyone’s favorite location-based game.

I know, I know. An iPhone app that involves geogeeking? Strange that would pop up in Portland, right? I mean, it’s not like the perfect sweet spot or anything. And I know you all love the Foursquare. And many of you have more than a little affection for the iPhone.

So what’s stopping you from heading to the App Store to download Kickball? Go try it out and see how Gorlochs has rejiggered the Foursquare information to give you all the Foursquare goodness you want, right where you need it.

For more on the app and the interesting folks behind it, visit Gorlochs.

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