October 22nd, 2010

Wonder Woman Day: Take the day to geek out on comic books instead of tech and support a good cause

Wonder Woman Day: Take the day to geek out on comic books instead of tech and support a good cause

Now, granted, this isn’t a tech article per se. But let’s be serious. Comic books and geeks? They go hand in hand. And being helpful and Portland tech types? Also a fairly common combination. So I thought I would step away from startup stuff for just a second and give you details on some comic booking for a good cause this weekend.

On October 24—Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!—between noon and six, I’m hoping a whole bunch of tech geeks join a whole bunch of comic book geeks at Excalibur Comics on Hawthorne for a very good cause, Wonder Woman Day, an event to benefit Bradley Angle.

Okay, okay. Yes, the Web site could best be described as “retro.” But hold your judgement there, crotchety gnomes. Listen to what Wonder Woman Day does.

If you aren’t familiar, Wonder Woman Day is an annual bi-coastal fundraising event founded by Andy Mangels that takes place each October during national Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In the last four years the event has raised over $89,000 for domestic violence shelters and programs. Not too shabby for some doodles.

The money is raised primarily through silent auctions of donated artwork, mostly of Diana herself but not necessarily. Donation of this year’s illustrations has just begun but previously, artists like Adam Hughes, Franco Aureliani, Nicola Scott, Alex Ross and Aaron Lopresti have donated their work to the cause.

How cool is that? That’s right. Very cool. So go. And if you’ve got the wherewithal, purchase some art for a good cause. Can’t make it? You can also buy Wonder Woman pieces for the cause on eBay.

Maybe someone there will be able to explain that whole “invisible jet” thing to me.

For more information, visit Wonder Woman Day or like Wonder Woman Day on Facebook.

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