January 28th, 2011

Without Taplister, your iPhone is only a glorified beer coaster

Without Taplister, your iPhone is only a glorified beer coaster

So it’s no secret that people in Portland are quite fond of beer. Quite fond. Especially on Friday. And while some folks might categorize that fondness as “snobbery,” we like to think of it as more of an “educated palate.” So much so, in fact, that we talk about beer, tweet about beer, and carry Portland-built iPhone apps like Taplister on our phones. Just to help us better understand what beer is available where.

Well, get ready to be happy. Because your educated palate is about to get a whole lot more intelligent. All thanks to Taplister’s latest upgrade and RateBeer.

“Bar staff and patrons can now add beers to a tap list to a bar’s tap list with text completion using beer names from RateBeer,” said Ken Baer, Taplister CTO and resident iPhone developer. “As the user types the name, it shows a search list that gets further refined as the user types. Then the user can simply select the name of the beer they want to add, and it will automatically link to the RateBeer data and load it from RateBeer.com. Our tap information is generated by the craft beer community, so we want to make it easy and fun for our users to share tap lists with the rest of the community.”

Not enough info for you? Whoa whoa whoa. Hold your horses, beer meister. For a couple bucks, Taplister will allow you to purchase even more content about your favorite brews. Like what? Like RateBeer ratings and commercial descriptions. And ABV. That’s alcohol by volume to you and me.

“Being able to see ratings, style, and ABV at a glance really helps choosing a beer from a large tap list,” said Ken. “This will greatly increase the chances your next beer will be one you love.”

I don’t know about you, Ken, but my next beer is usually the beer I love, anyway. But I could still use the app to find it.

For more information, visit Taplister. Or go right ahead and download Taplister from the App Store for free. To purchase the additional features, choose “Upgrade” from within the app.

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11 Responses to “Without Taplister, your iPhone is only a glorified beer coaster”

  1. Woot for Taplister! Congrats on the next iteration of your App.

  2. Being an Android user, I wish the Taplister app was available on that platform. They have said an Android version was in the works, but I don’t think it has surfaced yet.

    And if we’re talking Portland-made beer apps, I can’t not mention my own: the Six Pack Equivalent Calculator for Android, see http://www.gerundinganimal.com

    I also made a mobile web version that plays nicely with iOS and there are 2 iPhone SPE apps as well: http://www.its-pub-night.com/2011/01/six-pack-equivalent-iphone-apps.html

  3. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Silicon Florist, Rick Turoczy. Rick Turoczy said: I think @taplister may be the first time I've used In App purchase /cc @kbaer http://bit.ly/gSjgL2 [...]

  4. Ken Baer says:

    Thanks for the article Rick!

    One little correction: The ABV listing is included in the free version without the RateBeer upgrade. When a tap list is loaded and displayed, it pulls ABV, style, RateBeer rating, and the commercial description from RateBeer.com, if that beer is linked to the data. The rating and description are enabled if you have the upgrade. It’s really worth it. I find myself using it a lot when choosing a beer at a bar. I used it at Hop & Vine the other night.

  5. Ken Baer says:

    Linsey Smith: Taplister does have an Android app. It doesn’t have all the features of the iPhone app, but you can still use it to see Tap Lists and search for beers. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/grpEjQ

  6. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Teresa Boze and Taplister™, Cocktail Diva. Cocktail Diva said: RT @Taplister: Silicon Florist blog article on the new RateBeer feature in the Taplister iPhone app!! http://bit.ly/gopPeA #taplister #i … [...]

  7. @ Bret Thanks we are happy with the progression of the app.

    @ Lindsey we actually do have an Android app it came out last summer and here is the link. http://apps.taplister.com/apps.html



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