Rick Turoczy, Silicon Florist escalator blogging by Igal KoshevoySilicon Florist was started by Rick Turoczy as a side project (is there any other kind?) to help provide a repository for interesting technology startup news—particularly Web-based, mobile-based, and open source technology—from Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area, affectionately known as the “Silicon Forest.”

You see, there’s a bunch of great stuff happening in Portland. A ton of great ideas. Some really exciting development. Some really cool projects.

And it may not be the type of stuff that gets coverage in TechCrunch or Mashable or ReadWriteWeb.

But, that doesn’t make it any less important.

So it seemed like there needed to be a repository. It seemed like the great folks in Portland needed somewhere to keep up. To see things grow.

Kind of a Willamette Week for the Portland tech scene. Okay, more like the Sellwood Bee or Multnomah Village Post.

Monitoring the Rose City and the Silicon Forest, I’ll be trying to help 1,000 flowers bloom, as the Silicon Florist.

Got a tip, an announcement, or a story? The best way to catch Rick is to ping @turoczy on Twitter. Or you can always send your tip to siliconflorist@gmail.com, submit it through the Silicon Florist tip form, or call 503 616 3767.

Kind words

It’s been extremely gratifying to receive a number of nice comments about the blog. I thought it would be wise to return the favor with a little link love.

“A local celebrity VC can be a huge asset, but it’s only a part of the equation. Recognize the local entrepreneurs who are dedicated to spreading the word about your community. Embrace what they’re trying to do and support their efforts. These people will attract fresh talent and reach out to leaders elsewhere to promote your engaged and thriving community.… Portland has Rick Turoczy at Silicon Florist.”


“Since starting his blog in 2007, Rick’s quickly become the go-to source for stories on Portland’s Web 2.0 community. He’s equal parts cheerleader, reporter, and facilitator, filling a role that the traditional media hasn’t (or possibly can’t) do.”

KGW The Square

“Now, thanks to Twitter and Silicon Florist, Turoczy is one of the most visible names in Portland technology.”

The Oregonian

“Portland has a great creative/tech scene. If you’re not following it, check out http://www.siliconflorist.com which is like the TechCrunch of the Portland area…”

Aaron Hockley of Another Blogger

“… [The] Silicon Florist Blog is both the chief chronicler and head cheerleader for Portland’s new startup scene.”

The Oregonian

“… a must-read for anyone who wants to tap into what’s really happening in the PDX tech scene.”

Metroblogging Portland

“After one short month, I can’t imagine not having Silicon Florist in my rss feeds. If you’re in Portland or interested in Portland’s technology scene, you should check it out.”

User First Web

“The best new blog around, if you live in the Portland area and are interested in web/tech, this is a must read…. [H]aving a locally focused blog makes me feel so much more connected again.”

Web Things Considered

About Rick Turoczy

rick turoczyRick Turoczy has been working in high-tech marketing communications jobs in the Portland area for the past 16 years—and talking about himself in third person since long before that.

Out of pure dumb luck, he happened to sit up in bed at 2 AM one night with the inspiration to start Silicon Florist. Since then, he’s advised the City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission, chatted with The Oregonian, appeared on local television and radio, made a brief appearance on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, written for leading tech blog ReadWriteWeb, garnered multiple bylines in The New York Times, wound up speaking at a number of conferences, been selected for the Portland Business Journal‘s “40 under 40,” and named to the board of the Software Association of Oregon (SAO).

Interested in what Rick does when he’s not working on one of his innumerable side projects? Well, that would be Return. If you’d like to see more about his past experience, visit Rick Turoczy’s profile on LinkedIn.

Looking for something a little more interactive? Feel free to follow Rick Turoczy on Twitter or Friendfeed, befriend him on Facebook, keep track of the events he finds interesting on Plancast, or see life through his lens on Flickr.

(“Silicon Florist escalator blogging” image courtesy Igal Koshevoy and “Rick Turoczy” image courtesy Brian Solis. Used under Creative Commons.)

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