Jive announces Clearspace 1.6, refreshes site

Portland-based Jive Software officially announced the release of Clearspace 1.6, today.

The most-notable feature in the new release? Customizable spaces.

This allows space owners to decide what’s important in their space and customize the layout of the “Overview” section. We’ve found that a lot of our customers are using the main space page as their department’s front door and they wanted a lot of flexibility around the content and layout.

In related news, Jive appears to have pushed some Web site updates that both refresh the look and feel of the Jive site and give Clearspace a bit more prominence.

Clearspace 1.6 was introduced to the Portland blogging community on September 11. Video highlights of that blogger-focused show-and-tell are available below.http://blip.tv/scripts/pokkariPlayer.js?ver=2007082501http://blip.tv/syndication/write_player?skin=js&posts_id=381434&source=3&autoplay=true&file_type=flv&player_width=&player_height=

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