Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 27, 2008

Sometimes, a link says more than I could ever say. Here are some fragrant little buds I’ve found recently, courtesy of ma.gnolia.

Metafluence: Proud to be a part of Voce Communications

Following up to a story published yesterday, Justin Kistner writes “If you haven’t read SiliconFlorist or Voce Nation, then you’re among the last to know that I am joining the Voce Communications team. Voce is a PR firm based in Silicon Valley that is a leader in the social media space that cut it’s teeth by launching the Google brand.”

Ideas + Great Web Services = New Fun Site. Introducing Crocspotting.com!

Josh Bancroft writes “Yesterday, another one of those cool “perfect storms” of ideas, easy to use web tools and services, and smart, innovative people happened. It all started with some photos I posted of a recent trip to the beach, of me in my signature orange Crocs. A conversation on the topic started up on Twitter.”

Daring Fireball: UI Candy

A big congratulations to Josh Pyles’ UI Candy for the John “Daring Fireball” Gruber mention. Gruber claims to have taken the site down with his traffic, but I know it was all of you Silicon Florist readers.

Why High Start-Up Valuations Don’t Bother Me One Bit

Charles Hudson writes “Valuations based on actual market transactions are never ‘wrong’ – they reflect prices at which buyers and sellers were able to get together and get a deal done. Saying that private market valuations for web 2.0 companies are ‘wrong’ is like saying that $4 gasoline is ‘wrong’ – while both prices may be hard to understand or justify, high web 2.0 valuations and high gas prices are both reflect the price at which a seller and a buyer were able to agree and complete a sale.”

Mobile Portland Monthly Meetings Established

Lyza Danger Gardner writes “Mobile Portland will meet on the fourth Monday of each month, location TBD. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 28. We are actively collecting interesting mobile topics for future meetings.”

Vidoop PDX Offices

Vidoop begins to establish their presence in the Rose City. Looking for some co-working space? I’d talk to Mr. Kveton if I were you. Maybe you could show up to Beer and Blog on Friday or Startupalooza on Saturday to buttonhole him.

Ignite Bend in the works

Bend just hoisted the Ignite flag. Portland stands ready to assist.

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