Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 18

Five Wrong Ways to Pitch RWW and One Great Way

This is great advice from Marshall Kirkpatrick for any startup looking for coverage from the major tech blogs. And here’s the thing… it works for exceedingly micro blogs like Silicon Florist, too. The first question out of my mouth is usually “Do you have a blog or an RSS feed I can follow?”

Design resources for everyone

Michael Sigler writes “In preparation for my presentation at Beer and Blog I hastily put together this list of useful design resources. I hope people find them helpful. I’m also quite positive I’ve left off quite a few things that are obvious. Please feel free to leave suggestions.”

TannerVision: Updates from the field on EeePC pilots

Via TannerVision “For those keeping up with the status of the ASUS EeePC pilot project, here is some feedback from the teachers actually implementing it. I have included the schools, grades, and subject areas, but not names.”

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