Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 18

Transmit 3.6.5 released

Steven Frank of Panic writes “Transmit 3.6.5 has been posted to our web site. The main changes are a fixed crasher and numerous S3 improvements, including the ability to create buckets on the European S3 servers.”

Intrigo is Sponsoring Barcamp Portland 2

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have the Intrigo folks up here. Yet another example of why? Okay. Here you go. “The Intrigo Team is proud to sponsor BarCamp Portland. Starting Saturday, May 3, Portland’s tech community will be gathering at CubeSpace for an open forum where we can get together to share and learn. All of us at Intrigo are excited about the opportunity to meet all of the interesting folks, and being a part of the amazing tech community in Portland.”

Portland Neighborhood

A new Ning-based social network for Portland types. “Meet other Portlanders, view Portland pictures, read what’s going on in the blog, and more!”

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