Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 21

Transmit 3.6.6 is now available

Steven Frank writes “Shortly after releasing 3.6.5 last week, we discovered that TransmitSync (a helper application for syncing Transmit favorites over .Mac) was crashing under certain configurations and circumstances. (You would receive a ‘TransmitSync has unexpectedly quit’ dialog if affected.) This is fixed in 3.6.6”

Twictionary: A Twitter Dictionary Wiki

Aaron Hockley writes “Today on Twitter there was some sort of discussion about some word that was a mashup/mangling of ‘tw’ plus some other word. I decided there should be a directory of such words. A twictionary, if you will. And thus was born Twictionary, a wiki-based glossary for twitterisms.”

High-tech’s no longer Oregon’s high point

Mike Rogoway writes “Oregon startups have rarely transformed into major employers, but that isn’t stopping an array of very small businesses from dreaming really big. Companies such as Jive Software, Iovation Inc., Platial Inc. and Ensequence Inc. together won millions in venture capital backing last year. Online connections and offbeat public forums such as Ignite Portland link Oregon software developers across companies. That ‘cross-pollination,’ as it’s known in the startup community, has created a fervor for new ideas that was largely absent in the collective pall that followed the dot-com era. “

Seeing the Forest AND the Trees: Using Social Media to Enhance Community

Bob Uva writes “I’m doing a new community film project entitled ‘Using Social Media to Enhance Community’ (until I can come up with a better name). This film will briefly explore what social media is (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogging, wikis) followed by interview clips, short screencasts, and some fly-on-the-wall views of at least one in-person meeting of people who are involved in social media.”

OpenID Usability: Two Solutions That Could Take OpenID Mainstream

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “JanRain, owners of MyOpenID.com, and ConfidentTechnologies are both making announcements that could help make OpenID much friendlier. Confident is the half of Vidoop that serves enterprise and financial institutions.”

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