Interesting gigs on the Silicon Florist Gig board

It’s Friday, so why don’t we take a little trip through the Gig board? Here are some of the recent posts:

  • Unix Rockstar at CD baby
    “Small department specializing in digital distribution for independent musicians seeks one laid-back, self-motivated geek to join our growing content delivery team.”
  • Experienced graphics designer / web developer at GoLife Mobile
    “GoLife Mobile is a rapidly growing startup in the global wireless marketplace. We are seeking a talented and experienced graphics designer / web developer with 5 plus years experience. Working with the team, this person will help us define and execute on our strategic branding initiatives.”
  • Contract Flash Programmer at OHSU
    “I’m looking to hire a contract flash programmer who can put in full time work between now and the end of our fiscal year (about $15,000 worth)June 30th. You must be thoroughly familiar with flash and how to build learning applications that interface with video, audio, animation, and provide some interactive branching. I will provide all the content and the direction in terms of design.”

Remember, if you’re a Silicon Forest startup, someone seeking a gig, or posting an internship, you can always use the discount code freebie to post your gig for free.

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