Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 27

Needmore Designs ~ Needmore Notes ~ Paper Milk Has Arrived!

Raymond Brigleb writes “We’ve just launched a simple e-commerce website for Paper Milk. Recently founded by artist Trish Grantham and Greg Klaus (owner of Greg’s), Paper Milk’s studio is located upstairs from our own studio here in the OMCC.”

eHub: Clearspace

Just a brief mention that Jive Software’s Clearspace was recently featured on Emily Chang’s eHub. It’s always nice to see local startups hitting the bigs.


Steven Frank writes “‘Laguna’ is the name of the custom blogging engine I use for this web site. I’ve gotten email from several people who were interested to see the code, and there’s no real reason not to post it, so here is Laguna 2.”

Future of Audio Social Media Tied to Familiar, Accessible Multi-purpose Consumer Tools

Andrew Deal writes “As we are about to go from soft launch to the actual launching and announcement of the CelleCast Community version 1.0, and deliberating with team members, industry friends, and early adopters about what we are building, I am amazed by the advantages we have. We have made on-demand audio and sharing a no-barrier deal for all.”

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