Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 28

Interop Founder Dan Lynch Invests in Hot Security Startups

Via Darkreading. “He has also invested in a [Vancouver, WA] startup called Iterasi, which is beta-testing its product that ‘notarizes’ live Web pages to preserve and save them as-is and securely stores them. ‘It’s for compliance stuff… and for proving you read and saw something,’ Lynch says. ‘It’s a special kind of bookmark.'”

WordCamp Portland to be Held at BarCamp

Aaron Hockley writes “Last week a few of us decided that a WordCamp in Portland would be lovely. I did a bit of legwork and made some contacts. I’m still thinking we may do a big standalone event sometime in the fall, but Raven suggested that we hold a WordCamp as part of BarCampPortland this coming weekend.”

My Other Things

Selena Deckelmann writes “Audrey listed out her projects the other day, and I decided to follow suit.”

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