Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 30

Beer & Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves: Help out Legion of Tech set up for BarCamp

Justin Kistner writes “This Friday will be the awesomely fun Portland BarCamp. Most of the Beer and Bloggers will be attending this event, which starts at 6pm. So, rather than try to sprint to BarCamp from the Green Dragon, we’re going to roll up some sleeves and help the Legion of Tech crew get set up.”

The Weekly Source Code 25 – OpenID Edition

Scott Hanselman writes “One of the things that is slowing OpenID adoption is that many people don’t realize that they may already have one. That’s what this little Javascript is trying to do by showing folks sites that they recognize. This way my Dad could login using Yahoo and it would make sense to him. It’s a little busy, but it’s a start. I’ve added an http://www.idselector.com/ to my blog for comments.”

Don’t Miss BarCampPortland May 2, 3, & 4

Dawn Foster writes “But I’m not technical enough to attend… Bulls**t! All you need to attend BarCampPortland is a passion for technology in some form: as a user of technologies, as a Twitter addict, as a blogger, as a programmer, as a food geek, as a sys admin, as a…”

Walker Tracker & Ann Arbor create walking community

From the Walker Tracker blog “Walker Tracker has teamed up with getDowntown, a program of the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce, to create a private walking community on Walker Tracker for Ann Arbor, Michigan residents. The private level will be used to celebrate and promote Curb Your Car Month! We’re overjoyed to be part of such a great program. “

BarCampPortland and Twitter

From the Legion of Tech blog “Portland has a huge Twitter community, and we will be using Twitter for updates during the event. Please follow BarCampPortland on Twitter to get real-time updates during the event. We will also have a space on your badge for your twitter name, so if you haven’t yet joined Twitter, now would be a great time!”

Do what ever it takes to get to the top.

Miss Burrows writes “I’m on top, babies. Well, I’m on Alltop. It is a ‘digital magazine rack’ created in part by Guy Kawasaki. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is but I’d rather just gaze at his eyes for a bit.”

Updating WP-OpenID to support ID Selector

Bill Sodeman writes “WP-OpenID doesn’t support [JanRain’s] ID Selectors yet, so I modified the code myself. The code is available in this ZIP file as interface.php. Installation is easy. Simply download my zipped file, extract the php file, edit it to include the ID Selection script that can be generated here, and upload the modified php file to your WordPress server at wp-content/plugins/openid/”

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