Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 30

Raw Mobile Browser Data Released

Via the Cloud Four blog “We’ve been asked by a few people if we can release the preliminary data that we’re gathering in our Mobile Browser Concurrency Test. So here you go: raw data from the mobile concurrency test.”

mr. diggles – commuter feed + you

Portland mutual admiration society. Mr. Diggles writes of Commuter Feed “i thought this was a nice use of an online social tool. the site was designed by josh pyles of pixelmatrixdesign. i got josh’s card at a social media function months ago and i finally decided to check out his site. he definitely one of the most talent web designers in portland. i am pumped since i finally have someone i can refer projects to that i know will kill it.”

Good times keep rollin’ along at Vidoop’s Portland Office | The Vidoop Blog

From the Vidoop blog “After a fun filled week in San Francisco getting learn-ed on the Web 2.0 we are back in the Silicon Forest aka Portland. So far (other than the weather) this week is shaping up nicely.”

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