Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 02

Transmit’s Magical Future Survey!

The Panic folks write “If you’re currently a Transmit user, we’d like to get your feedback on a few things to help us chart our course on future Transmit updates. Please take our quick Transmit survey and let us know what’s important to you! Thanks for your help!”

Andy Baio talks side projects and acquisition at Portland Web Innovators at Nemo Design (Wednesday, June 4, 2008) – Upcoming

The June meeting welcomes Upcoming.org founder, Waxy.org proprietor, and brand new Portlander Andy Baio. Andy will talk about his side project (Upcoming), which became a bigger project, which was finally acquired by Yahoo! in 2005.

Why Non Geeks Should Go To This Weekend’s BarCamp Portland

Bram Pitoyo writes “I don’t work with technology for a living, nor do I belong in a startup company. I am, by trade, a Brand Strategist, which in a nutshell involve talking with people to find out how a product or service can better serve them. I am secretly a nerd, too, but with dismal technical ability* (in an uh, what exactly does ‘ls -l’ does in Terminal? kind of way,) I stand no chance with all this programmers, developers and tech workers. But I decided to attend all these events anyway, from Mobile Portland, Portland Web Innovators, Beer and Blog, Innotech to Ignite Portland (check out the review series if you plan to attend one.) This is where it gets interesting.”

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